Being a rather small island as Gotland is, there are still really lots and lots of small boats harbors everywhere, a heritage from the time when the island inhabitants lived from what they could get from the Baltic Sea.

Sweden, Gotland: small harbor boats

As a boat lover (even though we don’t own any boat ourselves nowadays) I really love to see all those leisure boats, even though my absolute favorites of course are the old local fishing boats.

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2 Comments on “Travel Photo: Small Boat Harbor at Gotland Island”


    Although I’m a seaman I’m not crazy about sailing as I get ssea sick all the time. But I love to watch boats and marinas, they give me such a peaceful feeling and they seem very exotic to me.
    Nice photo you’re sharing with us!

    Greetings from Copenhagen

    Ginnie said:

    I’m with you, LCT, totally. I love looking at these leisure boats but the soulful boats for me are definitely the local fishing boats!

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