Because of the totally gorgeous warm and sunny spring weather, we were practically forced to escape by a roadtrip today… We ended up taking a refreshing and relaxing stroll along the shore of Sigtunafjärden (lake), about 40-50 kilometer north-west of Stockholm.

Sigtuna sea view benches, Sweden

This is just one of my iPhone photos from that walk, it did involve some other interesting photos too – and yes, it included a fika (Swedish for coffeebreak) with the very Swedish Semla bun.

Sigtuna is a very lovely little town, well wort a visit, with a nice main shopping street and many charming old buildings.

You can see Lifecruiser Sigtuna Photos at Flickr.

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2 Comments on “Travel Photo: Sigtuna Lake View”

    TorAa said:

    I as well like to find such nature pearls in the vincinity.
    Excellent photo.

    And from this day, the day are longer than the nights.

    Ginnie said:

    What a great photo op…this pier! So much personality. I’d love to sit there for awhile. :)

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