Today’s weather in Stockholm was dark and rainy in some parts. I did catch the raindrops at our car window at some streetlights with my iPhones Instagram app and it turned out as one of my favorite photos.

Sweden: Stockholm road view with raindrops

I hate damp and rainy weather, but I love raindrops. Sometimes I even love rain (but not if it stays too long!). It’s not that much photo op’s in rain as it is with clear weather.

I remember when I was younger, I always did go out when it was raining because I could walk around in total peace then, when there were not so many people around. Especially during the years when I had a dog to walk and he could run free everywhere.

So, maybe we should do that more often: run free in the rain…?

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    Ginnie said:

    I actually love the rain, LC, but not all the time, of course. It always feels so cozy to me.

    Those iPhones are doing incredible things now with all their photo apps. It amazes me what I’ve been seeing lately.

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