There are a lot of charming old fishing cottages at Fårö island as well as in the whole Gotland area – naturally since people in the islands lived from the fishing in ancient times.

Fårö: renovated old fishing cottage, Gotland, Sweden

This one seem to have been renovated a bit, the roof and the door is very fresh by the look of it. I love when those old cottages are taken care of instead of falling into decay.

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3 Comments on “Travel Photo: Renovated Fishing Cottage at Gotland”


    An adorable fishing cottage! I love old stones!!! They speak about ancient time! Nice people take care on them!

    Ginnie said:

    Very sweet to find, I’m sure, LC, while you’re out-n-about.

    Creative Artist said:


    Im living in Holland. After seeing your photo’s I will definitely travel to Sweden this year!

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