Some travel photos are photos I wish we could avoid taking – or rather seeing. Like this one of polluted Baltic Sea Water – foaming like it were some kind of detergent.

faro-polluted-baltic-sea-foam-water, Gotland, Sweden

It’s when trying to rinse the fishes caught in the fishing net, that this foam is appearing. And it never stops foaming. It’s like it were detergent in a dishwasher machine. Horrible!

Lifecruiser Baltic Sea

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    I’m claudie and sandra carlier is my stage’s name! I created a new blog! I hope your visit! What a sad thing to see the pollution of the Baltic sea! Environment must be our future to save our planet!

    al said:

    ugh! i hope more people would be conscious and consciensious of our environment

    TorAa said:

    From Agriculture? Or what is the source? Frightning

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