We love to find old fishing villages at our roadtrips. The fishing cottages always are so authentic and offering so much personality.

gotland-old-cottage-entrance, Sweden

This fishing cottage really is different from everything else we have spotted. Almost like a scene from a fairytale – I’m awaiting the witch or a troll to step out from the door…

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7 Comments on “Travel Photo: Old Cottage Entrance”


    I would love to explore the inside of this fishing cottage. I am curious to see how they live.


    This fishing cottage is adorable; Very different of the fishing houses we have here South of France! Would like to stay at this place and leave the school for a time!

    al said:

    … i wonder who lived here and what’s their story :)


    Me too @eastcoastlife, unfortunately there were no one there right then – otherwise I might have asked kindly to see the inside and perhaps get some more information :-)


    Yes, Sandra – and we really like that there are a difference because it would be boring to see other countries if there were not any difference from home :-) You really could get a good rest there and relax by the sea….


    Exactly our thoughts too Al – it must have such an interesting life story!


    Completely different fish cottage I am very curious to see what are inside & how they are living…

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