When we were in the French Riviera last time, our friends took us to the old town in Nice – which is a really nice old town area I must say – and it was there I spotted this kind of retro look woman, having a pause in her shopping, making the perfect photo opportunity for me.

France: Nice Shopping Pause

It’s always that special moment to catch when you’re keen of photographing. It’s all about being on the right spot in the right time, right? I just wish that I could be a bit faster with my camera…

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    Nice photo- Did you guys have ice cream at Fennoccio’s in Nice’s Old Town? It’s the best

    Spencer said:

    You don’t have to tell me how good the shopping in Nice is. Just ask my wife she went mad buying everything in sight when we went there. Thankfully I could relax by the hotel’s pool so it wasn’t all bad for me!


    Yes Savi, it really is the best :-P


    la Maison is splendid! Beautiful photo! I’ve been with my wife on my honeymoon. French Riviera is a very romantic place.
    Great post.
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Renan Ferrer

    Mikkel said:

    Really nice picture, just oozing with authenticity:) The french riviera is such an amazing place!

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