We have done all our holiday meals by ourselves this summer. We did bring our most used cookbooks about LCHF food, but mostly we have done the cooking by our own heads anyway. That is one way to keep the travel costs down.

faro-lchf-cookbook, holiday cooking

LCHF stands for Low Carbohydrate High Fat. Our preferred diet – or call it life style – which we started in the beginning of 2010 and will keep for the rest of our lives.

It is that good, made such difference for our health and well being!

Lifecruiser Cookbooks

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    Erica said:

    What a coincidence! I recently leafed through this book at ICA Maxi. Seems like a pretty good diet option. I can see the benefit of choosing “the right” healthy fats and limit the intake of car, though I’m not entirely convinced. May not be optimal for vegetarians/vegans.

    Erica said:

    Oups! I obviously meant carbs, not car. :)


    Why not test LCHF for a month and see if you notice any difference? That was what we did – and we started to notice a positive difference already day 3 and after a month we were completely convinced! A lot of different health issues were improved for us both plus we got so much energy. Staying healthy too, not getting all colds and such sickness as I did before all the time. Our bodies defense system has increased A LOT.

    Should not be a big problem to keep a vegetarian style and LCHF, check up those links:

    (You can also read a lot about LCHF at

    It’s the easiest diet I’ve ever heard about… and I can eat so many yummy things :-P

    Erica said:

    Good idea! I’ll consider it. Thanks for the links!

    al said:

    I will try to find this book. I think it will work for me too. (but I just love carbs… we’ll see if I can keep my mouth from carbs)

    Gattina said:

    I don’t know the book, are you still on the island ?


    Yes, Gattina, still on the island and not so much time in front of the computer… We’re heading home Tuesday evening – after that I might be online a bit more :-)

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