When out traveling, even at our summer farm stay, we love to take photos all the time. It is not difficult at all to find objects, even where you don’t except to find any, so better to be ready with the camera all the time!

faro-golden-summer-beer, Gotland, Sweden

One of the most refreshing things we like to do in the summer, except for swimming in the Sea – is to drink an ice-cold beer. There is nothing better against the thirst – they go right-down without a break.

Well, there is one more we like to drink in the sun: Sangria – especially if we are in Spain. Though there are differences in the Sangria, it depends on who makes them. But that is another story…

Cheers my dears!

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    Ginnie said:

    I´m not a huge beer drinker but I must agree about a nice cold one on a hot day. Nothing like it. :)

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