Having a holiday at a farm makes you friend with the nature in several ways. There are always interesting farm animals to get friends with… Why not frogs too?

faro-farm-frog-crawl, Gotland, Sweden

However, some of them might not want to become friends with you – or was it the farm cats he/she was escaping from?

Whatever it was, the frog was in a hurry and had big trouble getting through the hole in under our door step. It was a little bit too fat you see… hi…hi…

Lifecruiser Fat farm animals

4 Comments on “Travel Photo: Farm Frog Crawl”

    TorAa said:

    Frog or Toad , it does not matter.
    Excellent observed and taken


    I thought it was crushed under that log or something. Nice photo though :)


    lol at Charles comment. I hope it wasn’t stuck and that you gave it a helping hand. :P

    al said:

    maybe the frog is camera shy? LOL

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