Every summer when passing this old fairytale like cottage at our summer island Gotland I have tried to take a photo while passing by in the car, not succeeding until this summer.

gotland-romantic-vintage-house, Sweden

Even though it is not the absolute favorite of my travel photos, it is my favorite cottage at Gotland so far. A summer dream house.

The photo still do not make it justice, coming closer up on the front there is so many blooming flowers – old grandma ones.

So fairytale fabulous wouldn’t you say…?

Lifecruiser Old Gotlandic Houses

3 Comments on “Travel Photo: Fairytale Cottage”

    TorAa said:

    Looks like the ultimate dream of a Summer Cottage; no doubt.
    It’s sooo charming and reminds me of childhood.
    Most people today demand much more space and comfort – but then it’s not a real vacation;-)


    What a beautiful cottage! I would want to have summertime at this place! Perhaps one day we can rent one like this ,we, all cruisers we are, for a few day ! <3


    Lovely little cottage! There’s something about it’s simplicity… wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this little nook to retreat to?

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