All those wonderful boat details you can catch on photo when out traveling or at road trips in general, so many different. This one below from one of our favorite Swedish islands: Gotland.

faro-boat-hole-detail, Gotland, Sweden

When this post is published, we are on our way home after being away for 10 weeks… Taking 2 ferries and driving our car to get home.

Summer is definitely over here in Sweden, now awaits autumn and winter – a long period of darkness and cold weather. Yikes.

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2 Comments on “Travel Photo: Boat Hole Details”

    TorAa said:

    A very sentimental time – when leaving summer paradise – and back to an uncertain future during our long periode without a warming sun.

    We wish you the very best – pick the best from the nature and enjoy life;-)

    btw. Have started posting again

    Gattina said:

    Wish you a save travel back home ! Yes summer is over, here too ! sigh …

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