I stumbled upon this painting, very suitable for a traveler or what do you say? It’s saying “Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life”, but it could as well has said that “Destination is happiness and a way of life” – at least for me.

Travel Paintings: Happiness Destination

I’m never happier than when on the way to a new trip destination – or when reaching it – and always sad when leaving the place….

How about you? There are a lot of saying that fits us travelers, what is your favorite one?

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2 Comments on “Travel Paintings: Happiness not a destination”

    DianeCA said:

    I love to travel as you well know, and I think half the fun is planning the trip. I always do Research for example on Flckr and Tripadvisor to find out more about where we are traveling and pick out the most important things to see :-)


    As Diane said, scheduling a trip with some reseaches on Flickr and TripAdvisor is really exciting. With this method we can see all the most beautiful things to see, and that’s why I really think that happiness is a destination ;)

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