The Swedish Railways ( is launching a new and flexible one day Arctic Circle Hop On Hop Off Pass for the eighteen train stations between the Swedish city Kiruna and the Norwegian city Narvik, crossing the border of the two countries.

I would love to make a stop at the Abisko station way up in the north which is within one of Sweden’s most extra ordinary national parks and other very rural mountain lodges and make some more exploring in the surroundings.

Considering I’m born in one of the Nordic Countries where the Arctic Circle is represented, it’s some kind of a shame that I have not visited it yet…

We have been talking about it, another scenic railway route up in the north, but something else always comes in between every time.

Maybe it will increase the chance now, with this Hop on Hop off pass?

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2 Comments on “Travel News: Arctic Circle Pass by SJ”

    Ginnie said:

    That sounds like something I would really like to take…and see!

    DianeCA said:

    I have always wanted to take a trip up North. Both the summer time with the midnight sun, and the Winter time are exciting. We should look into the price of the pass. Could be a fun trip!!! Thanks for the tip!

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