You can find inspiration to travel everywhere. Even from a retired reindeer herder from Glen, west of Östersund, in northern Sweden, who came out with his first record summer 2010 – at 69 years age.

The Swedish reindeer herder Jakob Ture Torkelsson recently ended a television interview by saying that he now wants to travel – he has not had the time before when the reindeer herding have taken too much time and energy.

Even if you don’t understand either the Sami nor the Swedish language, please look at the video to the end, to really get this mans fantastic charisma!

It’s the TV News announcer in the beginning that speak the Sami language, the interview is held in Swedish with an accent from the north. Even other Swedes, who isn’t of Sami heritage, can’t understand Sami. Personally I find it a bit like Icelandic language.

What touched me the most when I saw this Swedish TV interview with him, was his ability to keep that twinkle in his eye and spirit up despite the rather rough lifestyle he must have had. It reminds me of my own mother, she was also like that.

Jacke Torkelsson is one of this year’s most remarkable record debutants in Sweden. He has released a CD (summer 2010) together with the Swedish dance band Patrik’s Combo which recently came out with a new CD of their own: “Ett norrländskt hjärta” (a northern heart) and is participating in the Swedish dance band competition in TV. The remarkable with Jacke is that he got his dream fulfilled at the age of 69.

That really shows that you should never let the age stop you from doing things you love to do!

The music has been with him during the years. He says here that “I always had my pen and pads with me in the pack when I was out in the reindeer forest”.

The text of the main song on the album “Sametös” appeared in 1981 when he was in Stockholm - “at that time I was probably in love with a Sami girl”, he says with a twinkle in his eye.

Patrik Zakrisson from the band Patrik’s Combo played together with Jacke already back in 1987. Since then they have played together many times and now they’ve recorded this album together.

What they earn on this disc will go to to celebrate Jacke’s 70th birthday party next year – with lots of bubbling Champagne I hope!

Is it not amazing how music can make us friends that we might never had otherwise?

- “When you call they say the discs are sold out, discs are selling like butter that melts in the sunlight”, said Jacke Torkelsson in the interview.

There are 3 songs in the album, all 3 of the Sami culture itself in one way or another, which makes it very special. One of them a beautiful Sami song: “The reindeer herd is coming” with a more unique sound. The other title is: “I am free”.

Hit song is “Sametös”, Jacke’s own personal favorite where he sings about the search of a sametös to love, one that will live among the mountains and the snow. Maybe it’s you?

This is certainly a music CD with lots of personal charm and warmth, which really affects one’s heart – for me it did so already by the interview.

You can’t get it more like the real Swedish thing or with more genuine emotions than this!

There is also a video on Youtube with a visit in his home which is worth looking at too: Jacke with visitors in his home.

We wish Jacke good luck with his new music career and in the search of his sametös love – perhaps he will even find her in one of his future trips?

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7 Comments on “Travel inspiration: Reindeer herder – heart of Sweden”

    DianeCA said:

    I am fascinated by people like this. It just supports that my belief that a hard life doesn’t mean its not a good life. He has worked hard and been in touch with himself and nature. I don’t think he needs to spend a lot of time “searching for himself” I bet he’s known who he is all along. I respect that!! Interesting guy!

    Patriks combo said:

    Mejla mej du!

    Maribeth said:

    I think what Diane has written is very true.


    That’s a great story. It’s never too late for dreams to come true.:)

    claudie said:

    What a nice report you write here! I am facinated by the sami culture. I imagine this guy worked hard. If he is interested visiting the world it’s very nice!!! He will discover that his life in the nature was something very unic ! He could have a choc too! the choc of cultures! In our societies we meet some people who can’t support no more the civilistion and decide to stop a moment with it and return to a simple life! the contrary of this sami story. We always want to discover what we can’t have!

    TorAa said:

    I want to comment in Norwegian.
    You will understand why,
    I do it very few words:
    Vi har reist gjennom området.
    Det er slett ikke pent å se hvordan dyrene blir behandlet.
    De som bor der, og i Lappland i S og F og nord i Norge
    behandler ikke sine dyr slik deres forfedre en gang gjorde.
    Dyrene er avmagret og dessverre er det blitt enklereå skrive ut skjemaer for at ulv, bjørn, gaupe, jerv har tatt livet av reinsdyrene enn å sørge for et bærekraftig mangfold.
    Menneskelig grådighet viser seg nok en gang

    Traveler said:

    The most hardworking people in the world who are attuned with the power and blessings of nature, are the most satisfied people…

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