As passionate travelers we have several travel related interior details in our new apartment. One of them is the coolest painting: a red & white Corvette Stingray pictured with the US coast line of Highway 66 behind. Who has not been dreaming about driving a cab along the very famous Route 66…?

Lifecruiser cab US coast line of Highway 66 painting

As a person that every year wishes for a red & white Corvette Stingray of 1957 years model for Christmas (ha ha), you can imagine that this would not at all be wrong for me to do one day….! Putting it on my bucket list!

What also is interesting is that this highway of America, also sometimes is called the Mother road and was established as early as in November 1926 – which also happens to be the birth year and month of my own mother. If I ever manage to fulfill this dream, I will for sure remember my Mom during the trip.

Do you have any similar travel dreams? Let us know in the comments!

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