There are a host of reasons to use a credit card to book your travel and while you are on a trip. Many credit cards offer bonus airline miles. Utilize a card that offers you a high number of miles if you will be travelling internationally, as the mileage add up quick. Here are some tips to help you get the maximum benefit from your credit card when travelling abroad.

Before you Leave

Call your credit card company a few days before you book your trip and let them know the areas you will be travelling in so that your card is not declined because of suspicious activity. Most companies regularly monitor all accounts for fraud, so alerting the company will help you avoid the embarrassment of having your card declined in another country.

Make sure your credit card company doesn’t charge fees for foreign transactions, otherwise you may end up with a much larger bill than you intended. The best travel credit cards offer no fees for foreign transactions, but some companies charge up to three percent of the total bill each time the card is swiped.

It’s smart to bring a backup card with you any time you travel so that you aren’t out of luck if there is a problem with your primary card. You should also keep your card with you to minimize the chance of losing it or being a victim of theft.

While You’re Traveling

Keep every receipt you are given during the trip so you can check it against your statement when you return home. This will help you stay well under your credit limit and give you written record in case you are charged the wrong amount.

Using the card with the best travel rewards and lowest fees will help you get the most out of your trip. It’s best to use the same card to reserve your hotel rooms, rent your car and buy your plane tickets so that you get the maximum number of travel rewards.

Getting a small amount of cash after you reach your destination is a smart move, especially if you will be traveling outside of the city. Foreign cash advances can be tricky, so talk to someone at your credit card company before you leave. They should be able to help you understand the process of getting cash and any fees that are involved.

Some people still feel safer when they carry cash, but using a credit card will protect you against theft and fraud while you travel. There are also many opportunities to earn rewards when you travel with a credit card. These rewards can be used when you’re planning your next exotic vacation.

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    Kent said:

    I hardly ever take much cash abroad with me these days, cards are accepted in so many places now and it makes life so much safer and easier. A backup card from a different provider kept in a separate bag for emergencies if your main card is lost, stolen or not working for any reason is a good idea too.

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