Rocky Point is an incredible vacation destination, but it can be difficult to figure out precisely what to do. After all, there is so much here, that it can become overwhelming. With that in mind, here are some of the best tourist attractions in Rocky Point, so you don’t have to do any searching.

5. Trip to the Beach
–You knew this one was coming, but the beaches in Rocky Point are without match. Check out all the amazing beaches throughout the region, while trying out some fun beach activities such as horseback riding, banana rides, boogie boarding, and the tried and true classic, sun bathing under the amazing Rocky Point sun. Trust us; you will enjoy it!

4. Sunset Cruise
–Cruises here are a major tourist attraction and are the best way to relax and unwind from your daily duties. Hang out on the deck while sunbathing, or take some time to play shuffleboard with the other cruise patrons. Whatever you decide to do, even if you decide to do it on a sailboat, cruises in Rocky Point are fun and relaxing. This is definitely a “cannot miss”.

3. Fishing Trips
–The fishing in Puerto Penasco is above and beyond what almost any other coast based city can offer, and is among the main reasons some even decide to come. No matter what your age or skill level, there are tons of opportunities for you to fish to your heart’s content, all while catching some exotic fish. This is definitely a major highlight here in Rocky Point.

2. City Tour
–If you are looking for an awesome way to learn more about the city and discover some other fantastic activities, the City Tour is certainly a great way to do so. Grab your binoculars and your camera, and hit the town with your professional tour guide—it’s fun, educational, and, most importantly, a major part of Rocky Point’s culture.

1. Scuba Diving
–Scuba diving is our number one activity on this list and for good reason too. For years, people have enjoyed seeing the incredible ocean life on organized scuba trips, and it still isn’t any less fun. The majestic view of the thousands of sea creatures which call these waters home is something you will never forget, and is sure to put that extremely tasty cherry on top of your already amazing Rocky Point Vacation.

If you want any more ideas, feel free to contact us at any time on our website we will help you plan the vacation of your life! Good luck!

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