Cruises can be an exciting adventure for many families who wish to get the most “bang for their buck”. With many cruiselines now offering a whole host of activities and events aboard the ship, passengers are not limited simply to the entertainment options that exist at the various ports of call that the cruiseline stops at.

Celebration Cruiseline offers a package deal aboard its Bahamas Celebration cruise liner, offering regular voyages from Palm Beach, Florida to the Bahamas. One of the best deals around, the two-night cruise package starts at approximately $99 per person (excluding taxes and additional fees). Perfect for families, the ship features many different restaurants for passengers to choose from, bars, a theater room, spa, gym, and much more. The cruise liner even offers special packages that include a themed “Girl’s Night” and also features opportunities to win a cruise through one of their sweepstakes programs.

For those who wish to extend their cruise experience, Celebration Cruise provides some cruise specials; passengers can stay at the Grand Lucayan Beach and Golf Resort in the Bahamas for either an additional 2- or 4-day excursion.

Other common commercial cruise liners offer great cruise specials at unbeatable prices. For example, the popular cruise liner Carnival offers a cruise package aboard its Carnival Paradise ship. A great deal indeed, this package includes a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise which departs from Miami, Florida.

The 15-night excursion on the Norwegian Dream takes passengers from London to Miami. Other comparable cruises include the Brilliance of the Seas, an 11-night Caribbean cruise that departs from Miami.

Similarly to the Carnival Paradise cruise liner, the Caribbean Princess is another 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise that departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cruises can be a memorable and relatively inexpensive family vacation. In fact, families choose to make cruises part of their own personal family traditions. Especially considering the majority of cruises are all-inclusive and cater to a wide variety of age ranges, cruises are an appealing option for families on a budget. Whether passengers decide to choose a 2-day or 20-day cruise, they will find a cruise that fits their needs perfectly.

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    I haven;t been on a cruise in years because I now have a family but I have been trying to make plans to take my children. It is a bit hard to plan for this sort of thing and to have to worry about the children at the same time.

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    I loved the piratey language of the site, plus i’ve always wanted to go on a cruise ship, not much money to afford it tho, keep it up the goodjob

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    Well, cruising has always been my dream ever since. It’s just i have a low paying job or can’t afford it. But these kind of packages really make way for mid ranged people also to fulfill their dreams. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing an excellent post!

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