A mecca of fun activities and interesting culture, Park City, Utah is one of Utah’s most enjoyable tourist locations. No matter what you are looking for, or what kind of vacation you are after, Park City is great for you and your family alike; however, it may be difficult to plan what you want to do, especially because of the sheer amount of activities you have to choose from. So, in order to help you out, here are the best activities that you simply cannot miss on your vacation to Park City. Trust us; you do not want to miss these!

5. Golfing
–With some of the best golf courses around, Park City actually offers golfers of all skill levels a place to ply their craft and unwind from the rigors of everyday life. Without a doubt, if you want to engage in a friendly game of golf in an already beautiful locale, you should definitely try and do so. It is fun, and great for the entire family—provided you all enjoy golf, of course!

4. Restaurants
–Though it may seem strange, Park City offers some of the best restaurants in all of Utah. From delicious family themed diners to decadent gourmet restaurants that are sure to please even the pickiest of palates, you simply won’t have any difficulty finding somewhere delicious to eat. However, we must suggest you try some of the most famous eateries here, such as the Riverhorse on Main and Glitretind Restaurant. Both of these epitomize the ideals of Park City, and will show you what a real meal is like!

3. Hiking and other Summer Attractions
–It is true that Park City is known for its winter activities, but summer is still nothing to sneeze at. With some of the best hiking spots around, and a host of fantastic summer activities—like horseback riding and others—you will find that Park City is much more than just a winter wonderland. It is fun, varied, and beautiful year round as well!

2. SUNDANCE Film Festival
–Once a year, the famous Sundance Film Festival comes to Park City in a flurry of well-known stars, beginning actors, and avant-garde directors to display to the masses the best films it has to offer. And, whether you consider yourself a cine-phile or not, it is still a fantastic occasion that is sure to entertain the entire weekend that it is there. Truly, as an activity that is completely unique to Park City, this one shines as something you simply cannot miss!

1. Skiing and Snow Sports
–Obviously, the biggest reason anyone comes here is because of the impeccable skiing/snow sports locales Park City offers. Voted amongst the best ski destinations in the entire United States, Park City has tons of slopes, ski resorts, and ski lodges that are all geared towards making your experience that much better. You will never have more fun here than you will if you strap some skis to your feet and hit the slopes, we can promise you that!

If you have any more questions, go to the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Trust us; if anyone can help you plan the perfect Park City Vacation, it is us. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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