When you think of someone flying on a private jet, you probably think of a movie star like George Clooney or a politician like Hillary Clinton. You probably don’t imagine yourself flying on a private jet. So, you find yourself booking more airline tickets to ride on a regular, uncomfortable airplane. And you brace yourself for all the hassle at the airport. From lines to check your bags to lines to go through security, going to the airport can seem kind of like going to the DPS to renew your driver’s license. There’s a lot of standing in lines, and there’s a lot of waiting in crowded quarters. You may wonder if there is a way to escape all this hassle. Fortunately, there is. You can charter a private jet for a lot less money than you’d think. Here are some of the many perks of air charter travel:

1. You don’t get to own the jet, but you get to fly in it. Chartering a jet is much less expensive than owning a jet. And you don’t have to do anything to take care of it or repair it.

2. You can book a spot on a jet charter for the same price any day of the year. Jet charter prices are not affected by timing. This means you can travel during spring break for the same price you could in late January.

3. Air charter services charge by the hour, instead of charging per person. This means that chartering a jet can be pretty affordable, if you split the price with a group of friends or family members.

4. Jet charters are spacious and comfortable. The seats are usually deluxe and leather. They’re a lot more comfortable than seats on a regular plane. Since you’ll probably only be traveling with a few friends or family members on a jet charter, you won’t feel like a sardine, as you would on a cramped plane.

5. Jet charters are private. This means you can have whatever conversations you want to have on a jet charter. If you’re traveling with friends or family members, the intimate setting of a jet charter can make the whole flight seem like a get together of good friends.

6. If you’re flying with pets, a jet charter is considerably more comfortable for them. Your dog doesn’t have to ride in a cage in the cargo area of the plane, even if it’s a large dog. Your pet can sit right next to you on the jet charter and be able to see you at all times.

7. If you have anxiety about flying, a jet charter is a much more tranquil setting than an ordinary plane. If you need to take deep breaths or do other things to calm your mind, you can do so without feeling embarrassed in the private setting of a jet charter.

8. You do not need to wait in any lines before you get on a jet charter. This means you don’t need to get to the airport early. And you don’t have to go through an invasive security screening process.

9. There’s no possibility of your flight being delayed. Jet charters are always ready and waiting for you at the airport.

10. The meals, drinks, and snacks served on a jet charter are usually better than those served on a plane. Since air charter companies don’t have to cut corners to provide food for everyone on a big plane, they can provide better quality food products to you.

So, next time you need to take a trip in the air, consider chartering a jet. There’s practically no reason not to!

Author Bio: Margot is a guest post writer on the subjects of charter travel and using websites like jetcharters.com.

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