We’ve been nominated for a Blog Emmy Award!

Quite surprising – and touching. Who would think of little Lifecruiser? And as a Magickal Website too. That’s a huge compliment. It was our post about our Magical Iceland trip that did it.

There is a lot of good bloggers out there, so there really could be a lot of Blog Emmy Awards competitions too – it’s fun, it’s free – what more could we demand?

The voting is still going on – thank you from the bottom of our crazy Swede hearts to the ones that already have voted for us – we love you too :-)

We did put on our Emmy outfits (from the 18th century) and are now just waiting for the outcome.

c_ljunglofska (13)

Ready to shower the winners with the good old champagne – Dom Perignon – what else? Oh, and I do have olives hidden all over my outfit, just for pure survival…

But no nervous wreck biting nails over here, I’m calm as a dead woman at her own funeral.

Wait a minute… Maybe I am dead and that’s why I have this terrible migraine? I haven’t had one for about 4 years, so maybe this just is a kind of phantom pain? It sure feels like my head is cut off…. Uhum…

No, it’s probably because all the problem I had to vote myself. I don’t like voting generally. I like too many bloggers! I don’t like the idea that it seem like I have cut off the others I didn’t vote for. Which I haven’t. So I had big problems to choose and voted late.

So, if you don’t find that I voted for YOU, blame it on that damn migraine!

See if you find some one you wanna vote for, hurry up to the mysterious lady that started it, the voting closes at 6 p.m EST Sunday night!

Oh, and don’t forget to have FUN :-)

The Emmy Award Blog

7 Comments on “Tonights Blog Emmy Awards”

    fabrizio said:

    great isrirical photo

    Lifecruiser: Ok, I take that as a compliment, though I have no idea what isrirical means :-)

    mar said:

    Ok, I need your fashion advice for my dress :)

    Lifecruiser: And advice you should get, I’ll pop over at once :-)

    Melli said:

    Oh Lifecruiser! I want to wish you the BEST of luck in the competition tonight! And I want to thank you SO much for voting for ME! I truly appreciate it! I have no idea how it’s going to come out — but I sure am thankful for every vote I got!!! Hopefully I will see you — on the red carpet!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, at least I can dream about it for a while and I’m going to cheer very loudly as you walk down the carpet to the stage :-)

    Tricia said:

    Love your choosen outfits Mr. and Mrs. Lifecruiser. Shelli and I are wearing a deep rich forrest green. We’ll stand next to you guys and we’ll all look great. :)

    Thank you for the nomination and votes! I appreciate it. :)

    Lifecruiser: Oh, oh, sounds like you’re dresses are just fabulous, I’m going to be stunned! May the best blogs win :-)

    Napfisk said:

    Looks like you’ve won George! Hoorah! Blast my muddled lifestyle for not having been able to vote earlier, but here you go. Magickal is what you certainly are. Congratulations!

    PS: Let’s hope the owners of the real Emmy trademark won’t sue and ask you to decline your win!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Napfisk *blushing humble*. (Don’t scare us with that sue thing ;-)

    zingtrial said:

    Hi wish you guys all the best.He!He!He!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks :-)

    Gattina said:

    Pay attention not to walk on your dress when you have to get up for the nomination ! I voted here for the first time in my life ! In Bloggerland I am allowed to in Europe I am not but very happy about that. Don’t miss that at all !

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know, I’ve had problems with that dress already…. *nervous*

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