To Tour Toulon Too

Toulon - in Provence where the French Riviera start - is one of the cities in France with the most sunshine per year, lots of interesting architecture plus that it’s the main naval base of France, so we just had to make a tour to Toulon too.

Toulon Opera House, France, Copyright
Toulon Opera House from 1862
Southern France, August 2009

The first really big attraction we did see was the magnificent Toulon Opera House from 1862, with it’s gorgeous architecture. It’s the second-largest opera house in France, after the Palais Garnier in Paris by the same designer as Marseille and Avignon opera houses: Léon Féuchures.

Toulon has a history that is three thousand years old, when the Ligures settled there and the name is linked to Telona, the ancient Ligurian goddess of sources.

Needless to say, all of us bloggers were in good mood this glorious sunny day in this wonderful town.

Claudie and Anna in Toulon, France, Copyright
Claudie and Anna having fun in the street of Toulon.

Soon we decided to spread us all out, to go on our own and then meet at one of the cafés later in a couple of hours instead.

The main reason for going to Toulon were that it would give us super shopping opportunities - which it did in some way - but the weather was just too georgous to spend indoors in shops!

Toulon Fashion Shop Front, France, Copyright

I loved some of the more creative shop fronts, but for hubby and me it was far more tempting to explore this part of Toulon city rather than the actual shopping.

We would have needed more time for that, so we just have to come back some other time, don’t we?

The Toulon marina for private boats were like a magnet that draw us there. We had a really wonderful walk on the promenade along the calm water. It’s something special with marinas.

Toulon Marina with private boats, France, Copyright

There is a limit on how much you can explore at one time - especially in that hot weather we had all the time in France and when you comes from a cooler country like for us Scandinavians.

Not to mentions the late nights every nights - you know how it is when a gang of bloggers get together, right? *giggles*

Down below is a slideshow of our best photos from our day in Toulon.

If you don’t want to see the slideshow, you can see an overview over the photos at Flickr Lifecruiser Toulon photos.

Lifecruiser Toulon

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Comments on To Tour Toulon Too

  • 1
    TorAa SWEDEN said:

    At last, your visit to Toulon revealed.
    I see and understand, really , that I did miss something.
    We need to repeat our fabulous visit to Claudie and Pierre.

    in Mariestad

  • 2
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Lovely pictures. I love the one of Anna and Claudie.

  • 3
    claudie FRANCE said:

    yes, this walk in Toulon was a nice moment! Don’t worry, Tor!!! You’ll visit Toulon another time! Anna did nice shopping on the harbour and I am curious to know about theXmas gift she bought there for her grandson. You learn me a lot, my Captain, about the Toulon’s opera!!!! I didn’t know it was the second largest opera-house in France!!!! :smile:

  • 4

    What a great post and how wonderful to be reminded of this day in Toulouse! A charming town with great architecture - well documented in your photos. Very nice slideshow; Love the Lifecruiser mirror pic :-)

    Shopping; Yea, I went crazy buying clothes to my granddaughter ;-)

  • 5
    claudie FRANCE said:

    I went shopping today in Toulon with Mélissa and just arriving in front of the opéra I was thinking to you and mr Lifecruiser…
    And all what you said in your post came back in my mind. :lol:

  • 6
    Jenny UNITED STATES said:

    aww that place looks like so much fun. sigh. i wish i could travel.

  • 7
    Fida CANADA said:

    One of the nice things living in Switzerland was, that I could city-hop over the weekend - Toulon was more than once on my route. Once I got caught by the Mistral - oh boy - maybe you would have felt right at home - it was pretty cold. Nice slideshow!

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