Dear Diary (and cruisers ;-)

Finally arriving at the island FÃ¥rö, outside Swedens east coast, after a nearly sleepless night. I slept 3-4 hours and Mr L about 2 hours. Why? We weren’t ready, hadn’t packed all things to get with us. We’re just totally hopeless!!! *giggles* Being away for a month demands some packing!

There was a line up to the ferry, butt we were getting aboard the ferry from Nynäshamn to Gotland suprisingly fresh!

(Click the pictures to enlarge in flickr)


There was eve a long line with hungry people to the restaurant aboard. Mr L succeeded to get his NEW glasses destroyed by a kid in the line, but he couldn’t see it then. It was a crack in the glass as it showed later. Not even 3 days they were whole… *sigh* We’ll see if it’s possible to get something out from security assurances.


So, we ate lunch at the ferry, we decided on a light lunch, there was other alternatives with Swedish traditional dishes, butt we decided to eat something when we arrived to Fårösund too.


…and I asked Mr L to get me 2 small Wisby pils (beers) to the lunch. He got so stressed by the glasses incident so he came back with 2 Mariestads (reminding me about Renny’s summer home) beer which is much stronger… So I just had to force myself (;-) to drink them… *giggles*


Arriving to Visby after 3 hours on the Baltic Sea. Calm weather, but quite foggy – and it wasn’t me and my 2 strong beers! *giggles*

Visby is a very medevial town, with it’s ring-wall from 1288 surrounding the town. Lovely little streets and places to hang out or partying all over the town. There is a lot of night life.


Every time we get to Gotland our smiles goes up to our ears, butt it goes even further up when we’re going over with the road ferry to the FÃ¥rö island!!!


I so remember the first time I arrived here. It was in February when we’re romantic engaged on the totally abandoned (and windy!) beach, Norsta Aurar. It blowed sand into the champagne glasses…

Characteristic flowers for Gotland and FÃ¥rö is the Poppy, butt we didn’t get the chance to take photos along the road – there isn’t as much as usual this year because everything bloomed early this year. Other ones is the Blue weed in the roadsides. There is also a lot of butterflies, which I hope to capture more of this summer too.


Yes, I did shoot this picture when Mr L was forced to stop on the obligatory peeing pause…. I choosed to take photos of butterflies instead of his fly… *giggles*

We did stop at our favorite traditional restaurant. It’s reminding us about the sixties somehow. We like to chat with the locals there.


This was what we ate, kabanoss and macarone and Swedish hash (pyttipanna), simple but OK.

20070702044  20070702043

An obligatory stop at the local grocery store to get the essentials.


Now we got very close to where we stays…. Dear FÃ¥rö, the best part of FÃ¥rö… Just lovely, so genuine…. Ahhh… Enjoying life very much!


To see Per, the farmer we rent of and all our good friends again! Nice reunion indeed! We’ve been around seeing that everything is as it should :-) Some approvements and changes here and there…

There was some fuss to get the wireless connection at first at the café were we am right now, butt finally! Hurraaayy!

Guess who slept like babies last night…???? *giggles*

The weather is alternating all the time, sun and clouds and today quite windy, butt remember, we’re on a small island. There is not exactly beach weather yet – it will probably some next week!

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16 Comments on “To the island bagged sagged”

    mar SPAIN said:

    I love your green diary! and I love your pics and stories. So sorry about Mr L’s glasses (shouldn’t the kid’s parents’ insurance do something about it??? ) and I am happy about that wireless connection allowing to spread the vacation feeling, ahhhhhh!

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Nice to meet you in Farö today!!! and to see your travel on the ferry! I would like to drink a fresh Mariestads just now!!!
    Hope Mr L will get new glasses soon. I think you will have good time in Visby!!! Two lovers fallen in a mysterious middle age place…

    Jim Melvin said:

    Gawd, what a cool blog! Loved the photos and descriptions.

    RennyBA said:

    Sorry about the broken glasses of course, but at least it led to something good; Mariestad Pils – the best there is (even better than Norwegian beer:-).

    Never been to Visby but always wanted – thanks for taking us with – the pics where great!

    Your weather is at least better than ours – here it’s poring rain:-(

    Wishing you the loveliest summer vacation captain – at least we are in the same country!

    Btw: Thanks for your compliment on my new blog home – you might like to update your A-Team Cruisers blogroll!

    Saboma UNITED STATES said:

    Hey there Woman, Look!

    Congratulations to You!


    TorAa said:

    Pity with Mr L’s glasses. I can’t drive without. So I better take care on Swedish car-ferries.LOL:

    It looks so beautiful over there. You know we learned about Gotland and Visby at school – a loooong tiiiime ago.

    Did you take these wonderful pictures with your new phone-cam or? They are great.

    Weather here is “tristesse”. Green winter and it’s raining non-stop. Local floods expected. grrrr.

    hugs from
    Anna and Tor

    TorAa said:

    PS – I’ve seen there is no flag on my comments. That means they are unable to identify from where I’m writing on this NMT450 system.

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    It really looks very lovely up there ! I absolutely have to discover the northern countries ! The only thing which held me back so far is the weather in the south it’s mostly sun and warm weather guaranteed. I hope you are right that next week it will warm up a bit it’s so cold and rainy here !

    Debbie said:

    Oh I wish I was there with you! Sounds so peaceful and looks just beautiful! Continue with the photos as they help me to pretend I am along on the trip!

    Mine starts in less than two weeks and I am so ready to go!

    Lifecruiser said:

    There will be more pics of Visby later, since we always go down there something more too.

    Of course I’ll update the link to your new blog instead Renny :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Saboma :-) How fun, I had no idea about it since Im on vacation!

    I really hope that you’ve made it too!

    Lifecruiser said:

    luckily , he has sunglasses with real glasses in to, so he’ll survive during our stay here :-)

    Yes, so far, the photos is taken with the phone-cam.

    Ev Nucci UNITED STATES said:

    I have the exact same little diary that you do! Looks awesome…………..I wanna be there with you. Next time I’m stowing myself away. I have so many journals that are filled…FILLED TO THE BRIM….I HAVE THEM PILED UP…………!!! So now I just have a leather outside holder…and buy inserts.

    I love the castles…always my favs!!!

    Sword Girl » Blog Archive » D’s birthday wishes so far… said:

    [...] Captain Lifecruiser on vacation in FÃ¥rö, outside Sweden’s east coast. [...]

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Okay, so I have read the vacation in reverse! It is lovely either way – forward, backward or all at once! And you are there for a WHOLE MONTH! WoW! I am jealous!


    I like the slogan on the grocery store. hehe

    I’m doing the same as Melli by reading forward to backwards. That is really awesome that you are getting to see all your friends!

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