One of the major measurements you can do to save up money for travel, is to move. Either to get rid off the apartment completely or to move to a smaller/cheaper apartment. We are moving to a smaller one – at least in step one of our whole moving phase.

If you have been following our travel blog for a while, you know that we already have announced that we are making preparations for a future move – and that we in that preparations phase were forced (lol) to drink a 31 years old Napoleon Mandarine Liquor… (We sold the emptied bottle later!)

We have been living in an already small apartment (50 sqm) for years now, just to be able to save for our travel, to afford going on as many trips as possible, but now we are moving to an even smaller apartment (43 sqm) higher up on the same street, believe it or not!

We will save an extra 600 SEK/month, move up one floor (not so cold apartment when not on ground floor), plus getting the extra bonus effect of not having our nagging, annoying neighbor who literally are stalking us with her negativity all the time.

The saved money will go to a future move, together with whatever other amounts we succeed to save up. Our future move will most certainly be to Spain if nothing unexpected happens – thinking of the economic crises in Spain which can affect our decision in many ways. Why Spain? Because of the ease for us and our family to get there, plus the excellent climate for our aching bodies.

When having a goal like travel or moving abroad, living a compact life style is not any problem at all. The adjustment to this compact living is going so easy that you wonder why the heck you have bothered with all the other stuff earlier in your life, which only complicates your life.

We have sold plenty of stuff by now, getting quite a bit of extra money to both cover the cost of the move and to buy new smaller, cheaper furniture which is easy to move or to get rid off later if we’re moving abroad next time. If we do, we will not take anything with us.

If not moving abroad, we will most certainly try to stay during the winters abroad, because the Swedish winters are killing us both slowly. We will start this winter, by going to Costa Blanca in Spain around February-March to do a research of which area there would be best for us.

Our nearest moving day though is set to the 3rd of December, so as you can imagine – if you know our efficiency since earlier – we have already started the packing for the move…

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    In travel, less is more! Moving to a smaller apartment is still good as it can enable you to save money and to visit more tourist spots, I suppose.


    If you are moving abroad, living in a compact life style is not a big problem and you may even wonder how you have habituated for this living. Saving money is important as it can help you to visit more tourist places.


    I think it’s time for most of us to pare down and economize our cost of living and the footprint we take up. Good luck on your endeavors!!

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