Lifecruisers tickets for the Spanish Ridingschools performance in Vienna

YES! One of my oldest travel dreams is to become fulfilled! I’m going to a gala performance of the world famous Spanish Riding school in Vienna with their wonderful Lipizzan stallions!

Not until September though. It’s so popular that you have to order tickets months ahead. Actually this whole trip is an advance birthday present to me from my beloved hubby, even though my birthday isn’t until October. I wanted to go to one of their evening gala performances and that didn’t left us with so many choices.

We booked our tickets through ViennaTicketOnline.com and must say that we’re delighted over how easy it was to use and pleased over their fast delivery. We got the tickets just 2-3 days after booking them!

Cost SEK 1563 ($258 / €170 where €15 was postage fee).

Read more to see how we booked a 5 nights trip with stop on the way, a river trip and the gala performance included even cheaper than a 3 nights trip!

To plan a trip to Vienna

Everything were hooked up on when we could get tickets for the performance, so to book the rest of the trip had to rely on that date totally. The search of flight tickets and accomodation took us both about 2-3 days to stitch together.

Why so long time? Well, all the travel package deals from Stockholm to Vienna always are so unnecessary expensive. I’ve kept an eye for travel deals to Vienna for years now and not found anyone that I’ve felt being quite worth it or at the right time…

Somehow when we’ve wanted to go before, the price for just the flight tickets for us two always seem to land at least at SEK 8000 ($1325 / €845) for only 2-3 days. On top of that you have to have somewhere to stay. I’ve always thought that for that price we can do another trip for two whole weeks instead.

When it comes to travel, I can sometimes get very greedy – I wanna pay as little as possible, to be able to go on as many trips as possible.

Suddenly we made it to a challenge to try to make this trip as cheap as we could….

Because we also had the Spanish Riding School performance to consider, we couldn’t book any last minute offers, which had been the cheapest – especially since we typically enough found an offer from Resfeber.se just hours after we already had booked…

That is a last minute offer from SEK 6412 for 3 nights, which is another fact that have made it difficult for us to find any offer. Very often they’re weekend offers with only 2 or 3 nights stay and quite frankly: how much do you get to see during that short time?

The first day you have the transportation to get there and even if you get an early flight, you get a bit tired since you’ve been up early to catch the plane… If you get a later flight, you miss that day in Vienna.

You can count away the last day in the same way, even if you get a late flight home, you’re on the leap and can’t do something time consuming.

I often want to book at least 4 nights at our city weekends. It depend on how much you would like to see of the city of course. I reason like this: when you have taken your time to actually take a flight there, why not stay for a bit longer to really get to see it?

To book the cheapest flight to Vienna

We started to look for the cheapest flight we could find and where else to look if not at Ryan Air? We’ve been flying with them at several occasions before and always been satisfied with them.

Sure, some people whine over their services, which I think is unfair. After all, you can’t expect a first class experience when you don’t pay for it! You get what you pay for and considering their low prices I’m more than pleased with them.

Very often their airports are smaller ones a bit from the city where you wanna stay and so is even the case this time. I often prefer to go to this smaller ones, because you don’t have to walk so far to and from the gates and not search for the baggage claim either.

We found that they have a flight from Skavsta Airport, Nyköping to Bratislava, Slovakia right at the border to Austria and only about 60 km from Vienna.

If you have the opportunity to be really flexible with the dates to go, you always can find some cheap flights with them, but this time we was really lucky. We just had to change the return date once to get the cheapest prices possible: Zero fare cost for the flights – can it get any better???!!!

We did NOT choose any of their extra costs:

- SEK 94 per passenger to be one of the first passengers to board to the aircraft

- SEK 128 travel insurance (got that covered in our home insurance)

- SEK 282 per passenger with 1 checked in baggage each

- SEK 94 per passenger for check in at airport instead of online check in

This means that we only had the taxes and handling fees to pay, so the flight costs a total of SEK 476 ($79 / €50) for us both, instead of the SEK 1009 ($167 / €106). The price were cut in half without the extras.

This also means that we have to pack very, very cautiously since we only have our handbaggage! We should be able to manage since we’re planning to have a very casual week over there, except from the gala performance evening at Hofburg.

Compare the flight tickets cost SEK 8000 ($1325 / €845) and SEK 476 ($79 / €50) and you’ll understand what I mean with my statement that I rather want to do more trips for the money.

What do you choose: to be able to say that you’ve flown with an airline with more status or to swallow your pride and have enough money left to make more trips…?

To find cheap accomodation in Bratislava

Wise of earlier experiences (lol), we decided to not go to Vienna at once, but to stay the first night in Bratislava. You’ll never know if there will be any flight schedule changes – or delays – and we don’t want to be exposed to any stress. Besides that, we don’t have anything against seeing some of Bratislava too.

Since we had decided to make this a cheap trip, we decided to book a hostel by Kilroytravels.se to the booking system of Bookhostels.com’s, which also is used by several other big international travel booking sites.

We booked a night at the Downtown Backpackers Hostel, which is located in the Old Town of Bratislava, next to the Presidential Palace on Paneska Street. Cost for a double bed, private facilities: SEK 604 ($101 / €65).

A funny coincidence was that the same evening we had booked this hostel, there were a film on TV from Bratislava, called “Hostel” which hubby watched. That movie almost got us to cancel the booking! It was a horror movie where the guest at the hostel were slaughtered, chopped off body parts!

So are we scared to go there? Nah, I’ve checked up the reviews of this Hostel and dare to say that we’re safe there. *giggles*

Transportation between Bratislava – Vienna

The Hostel has a very convenient location, not too far away from either the train or the shuttle boat. We’re thinking of taking the Twin City Liner shuttle boat to Vienna on the River Danube.

It’s only about 10 minutes walk from the Hostel to the place where the shuttle boat departure and it takes approx. 1,5 hours at a cost of SEK 245 ($40 / €26) per person.

We’re not sure yet, how to get back to Bratislava to catch the return flight of ours, if we’ll take the shuttle boat or the train which we could check the timetable of at the ÖBB Train ticket site.

I’ve read somewhere that if you go by train, the ticket is valuable even to Bratislavas transport system when you arrive there, which could be a benefit when we moves around there the last day.

To find cheap accomodation in Vienna

Even here we decided to look for a Hostel and found one at hostelworld.com that we thought stood out more than the others, with good reviews the Wombats City Hostel Vienna – The Lounge.

Our only problem were that they only had a double room free for 3 nights, so we booked 3 nights there at the cost of SEK 1379 ($228 / €150).

Since our last night is the one when the gala performance will take place, we decided to book a Hotel nearby Hofburg Palace (where the gala performance will be held) instead. However, that was easier said then done!

We were surprised that Vienna seems to be very popular even at that time of the year – September – we thought that the high season would be over at that time, but we actually had some problems since it were already booked at many of the Hotels we wanted to stay.

We could literally see them get full booked while we’re searching. After hours of searching for the right one for us, a budget hotel nearby Hofburg, we found Graf Stadion Hotel (***) at the site Booking.com. Update: If you will go there, search this site for Hotels in Hofburg Palace instead, we did regret going with the one above, it was not in the right location and very ordinary.

We’re satisfied with the rate: SEK 1011 ($167 / €110) for both of us in a double room. I hope we’ll be equally satisfied after being there too!

Summarize of the trip to Vienna

Instead of choosing a package deal for SEK 8000 ($1325 / €845) for only flight and maybe, if we got lucky, hotel for 3 nights – which would only give us a brief view of Vienna and nothing else, we choose the budget alternative way of travel.

This way we get to see 3 cities: Nyköping in Sweden, Bratislava in Slovakia and Vienna in Austria, plus have a nice river trip and tickets to the gala performance – for less money!

Cost transport and stay 5 nights/6 days for two:

Airport long term parking:
SEK 460 ($76 / €48)

SEK 476 ($79 / €50)

Shuttle boat 2 ways:
SEK 980 ($96 / €104)

Hostel Bratislava:
SEK 604 ($101 / €65)

Hostel Vienna:
SEK 1379 ($228 / €150)

Hotel Vienna:
SEK 1011 ($167 / €110)

Gala performance:
SEK 1563 ($258 / €170

Total cost: SEK 6473 ($1005 / €697)

Note: If we had been able to book 4 nights at the Vienna Hostel instead of 3, the total cost would have been SEK 476 / $79 / €50 less than the above.

We also get the chance to try out some backpacking, which we haven’t really done before and need to try before going on other trips.

Which other trips…? Well, you just have to wait for me to write about that, won’t you? *teasing you*

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    How fun for the both of you. Your hubby is a dear to do this for your birthday. Someday I’m going to go too. Have a great day. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..My Resimay

    Gattina said:

    Congratulation you did a very good job ! I too look around to get the best price/quality. I don’t care about flight companies or planes the only thing I want is a clean hotel room with toilet and shower ! Hasn’t have to be a 4* ! That is a real nice birthday gift !
    We are leaving on June 28 for 10 days to the Garda Lake where I rented the same appartment like last year. This time we choose spring and not autumn because the days are longer and the prices outside high season are the same.
    If you can, look at my post here it was the fist time we went to the States in 1971 !!

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Mar said:

    Wonderful bday present :cool: Thanks for the tips, Captain. I have a friend in Vienna and she last invited me to go in June while she has some time off but the plane tickets discourage me and I am postponing the trip until I get a cheap, cheap plane ticket. All I ask for on a plane is security, I can eat, drink and stretch out once we have landed.
    Thanks for the tips again, Captain :)

    Mars last blog post..wordless wednesday [ 94 ]

    Ling said:

    Nice post, captain. Very useful if you’re planning a trip to Vienna, which I’ve always wanted to do. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

    Lings last blog post..Destination Weddings

    Theatons Toys said:

    I think your greediness is paying off judging by the amount of traveling you do :razz:

    Dave's Place said:

    Wow, very detailed post. I’m a huge travel fan myself, and its cool to see how others approach the planning process. Have fun on your trip, and be sure to let us know how it goes!

    Dave’s Places last blog post..My Thoughts On Indiana Jones

    A. said:

    Vienna is the most wonderful city. I was there as a teenager, more years ago than I care to remember! but I loved it. I saw the Spanish Riding School too.

    We often fly Flybe. I don’t think it’s quite such good value as Ryanair, but very good too.

    We’re on our way to Brittany near Vanees for a long weekend next week. I’ll have to tell you all about it :)

    A.s last blog post..Et voilà

    RennyBA said:

    How exciting and typical you: how well prepared and well planned and thanks for sharing – I know Diane now will require the same trip next year :lol:

    It seams like September this year will be very adventurous to you then ;-)

    RennyBAs last blog post..Internet intelligence for teens

    claudie said:

    Yes, you did really a great job! As my daughter will live in Finland during a year, I will have to prepare a such plan to visit her and discover the North World!

    claudies last blog post..Cats by Steinlen

    Cookie said:

    Ah, Vienna, the imperial city! Enjoy your trip, the city truly is amazing and stunningly beautiful. It’s been years since I visited but I remember we had heaps of fun in the Vienna amusement park (maybe not the biggest one, but surely one of the best in Europe). Also remember to drink the traditional vienna coffee :)

    Traveler said:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve always wanted to go to Vienna. i hope i will someday.

    Tamara said:

    Great post. Have you also seen our Vienna destination guide – we have a great tip – on Sunday nights in summer there are popular free screenings of classical music concerts or operas in front of the town hall on Rathausplatz.

    Tamaras last blog post..Smith’s all-new online wedding and honeymoon hub


    Funny coincidence – we did the budget trip in the reverse direction this summer. Air Berlin has direct flights between Vienna and Stockholm/Arlanda, we paid EUR 242 for a return flight for a family of four. I have booked the cheapest car I found online for a week, but we got a FREE upgrade to a Volvo V70 with ethanol engine, so we even saved on fuel and could travel swedish-style: EVERYBODY seems to have a V70 in Sweden, except for a few nonconformist punks who drive a Saab. :mrgreen:
    We stayed on a farm on Tvärnö island for a week and since there is only one restaurant on the island we were glad our cottage came with a good kitchen.
    The last five days we stayed in Stockholm, at the Zinkensdamm hostel, which is a fairly good deal for families: it has a large courtyard where the children can play, there´s a good guest kitchen and it´s in the middle of a park with a large playground.

    We usually travel to Italy and Spain in Summer, this was the first time we went north. Sweden is such a great country! Contrary to common belief it´s NOT expensive and if you travel with children it´s just the perfect place. Well, the climate needs some improvement maybe. We´ll be back!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, that was a funny coincidence. No Klaus, not everybody has a Volvo V70, the very cool ones (like us) has a Toyota…. *giggles*

    What car rental did you use when getting that free upgrade? The same happened to us when we used ebilhyra.se (part of traveljigsaw) when we were in Spain this spring, the free upgrade I mean. They used aurigacrown.com car hire this time. That’s always a nice surprise – especially when it our case were a brandnew car that only had run about 200 km before we got it.

    I think it’s funny when you mention Tvärnö, that I had to look it up to know where it was! OK, it’s a bit far from Stockholm, but I had never heard the name. So now I learned something from a tourist – again! Zinkensdamm I knew of of course :-)

    I hear you about the climate improvement for Sweden and think that you were a bit too nice and polite there. We need a BIG improvement when it comes to the weather. Summer months are June-Aug, so that’s when I recommend to visit. May can be very nice, but unpredictable, so can the first half of September.

    When you plan a trip to Sweden next time, try to include the island Gotland, it’s Swedens summer paradise island. Be aware though that you have too book well in advance, it’s that popular. If you go, make sure you continue to the north tip of Gotland and take the ferry over to Fårö – the best, very fine sand beaches among many other things. It’s where we stay every summer holiday.

    In any case, very welcome to ask me of tip’s or other things next time you plan a trip to Sweden.

    Happy travels :-)


    We went to Sweden July 6-16, so the weather was probably as good as it gets! :mrgreen:
    We booked the flight pretty late, so there was no hope of finding anything for a reasonable price in a less remote area, but Tvärnö was just fine as well. OK, the next alcohol shop is in Östhammar, a one-hour drive away and basically always closed, but who goes to Sweden to get drunk anyway? :shock: Once we bought alcohol-free wine – it tastes exactly like grape juice, but costs twice as much.
    The farmers where we stayed were very nice and the children really enjoyed the daily horsebackriding.
    The rental company was Hertz, but I did not book directly there. The booking went through one of those find-the-cheapest-car-websites (I don´t even remember which it was) and apparently my booking never properly arrived at Hertz. They had my name but were obviously flabbergasted I stood there on that particular day. I saw the clerk making nervous phonecalls and it took a while until the situation was sorted, but in the end they gave me a nice car. The V70 is called “Schwedenziegel” (swedish brick) here, did you know that? Unfortunately the newer versions don´t look like bricks any more – I liked the old design.
    We will certainly be back in Sweden sometime (thanks for the tips!), but next year we finally want to go the USA for six weeks. We usually prefer to travel off-season, but in 2010 our older daughter will be in school (no more off-season travelling until 2022), so next year is sort of the last chance to make that trip.

    Since I always like to hear what tourists say about my own country, here are my two pennies!

    Falsified prejudices:
    :arrow: We have a Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung here in Vienna (a 70ies public housing project). I thought if everything in Sweden looks like that, I never want to go there. But! We really liked Stockholm and Uppsala. Great cities.
    :arrow: Not all Swedes are drunkards. In fact, I saw not even one. They only seem to drink a lot when they are outside their borders! Still, even when Swedish tourists indulge too much in our beer, they still behave well like sober Japanese. Highly remarkable.
    :arrow: Swedes seem to be very patriotic. I didn´t expect that. They all drive Swedish cars (except for some traitors with a Toyota!) and they all have huge flagpoles on their front lawn.

    Verified prejudices:
    :arrow: Sweden is the most civilized country on earth. Really. Impressive! Everybody is polite, everything is neat, tidy and well-kept. Nobody rips off tourists, everybody (and I mean everybody!) speaks even better English than the English! Everything is so children-friendly, too! In Italy, it´s often a pain to travel with two small children, Sweden is the total opposite of that.
    :arrow: The weather.
    :arrow: The cuisine. I don´t like fish too much and I can only eat meatballs so many times without getting sick of them. Fortunately, at least Stockholm has a lot of immigrants who already solve that problem.


    JennyBarnes said:

    Vienna is beautiful but it can be a bit pricey I guess, depending on the time of year you visit! We went in June and we used laterooms.com to find a great hotel deal, and lynxcarhire.com to find cheap car hire. Very pleased overall and it saved us loads!

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