I have a confession to make. I never liked Bond movies.

That confession is almost like confessing that you’re an atheist or something. At least to all the people that love James Bond. He is The God among the movie characters.

When I was a teenager I was pretty sure of the fact that I didn’t like Bond movies already the first time I saw one. I don’t even remember which one it was because I didn’t pay attention – I found it so incredible boring!

Oooops! Did I say that out loud???

Yes, I thought it was boring with all these unrealistic special effects and with no interesting or catching story or plot in them. The fact that I was a young girl can have had something to do with it.

I kind of had a bad start with them. It didn’t get better of the fact that I saw “Live and Let Die” at least 3 times with very short time in between!

I was forced too. You see, I knew someone that knew the movie theatre guard, so he let me in for free…. And my friends wanted to see that movie badly. I didn’t, but sometimes you don’t have much to say in the matter.

I never wanted to see a Bond movie more in my whole life after that. I did however got to see the beginning of several – as videos, but I never finished one of them. I found them as boring as “Live and Let Die”.

I did go and see a parody that was named James Bind that was rather amusing. You know, the type of parody where James Bind throws a knife at a bullet on the way to hit him and he split the bullet in two halfs…?

Little did I know that I should meet a man that loves Bond – no, not as much as he loves me ;-) but pretty much. Mr Lifecruiser is even thinking of buying all the Bond movies as a collection. So what does this man of my life do? He reserved 2 seats at the newest Bond movie “Casino Royale” for yesterday.

I’m thinking: “OK, fair is fair, let’s see what I think about Bond now when I’m older and even more wise”.

The movie start with a scene where the new Bond, Daniel Craig is sitting in a chair in an office and the office owner get’s in there, obviously unmasked and about to be executed by Bond. And this Bond doesn’t fit into my (or Mr L’s) picture of Bond. It’s just not Bond to us.

They’re discussing what Bond have done with his contact man and how it is to kill for the first time and we get to see “going back” scenes where Bond is fighting with this contact man in a restroom. It’s not a nice scene. It’s just not Bond somehow.

So, not a good start you’ll say? Well, then somehow the movie really start off and with a lot of really catching action! It captured ME, the not to bond to Bond person. Totally incredible. I sat there from the beginning to the end and didn’t find any bit in the whole movie boring!

I even laughed out loud in one particular scene where he is tortured! Yes, I know it sounds cruel, but it’s Bond’s own laugh and words in that scene that made it so humorous! (Really!)

I must say that it’s a big improvement they’ve done here. Much more realistic scenes than the ones I’ve seen before, much more feelings involved – what the heck: Bond even fell in love with a girl played by Eva Green. She is also a new kind of Bond girl – more normal I think.

I know what you guys are going to say now: bah, Bond has turned soft, falling in love like that, but I think it’s genious of them. Think about it! They get so many more viewers by this – all the women that now care to see the movies too. Very smart of them actually.

It’s a perfect mix of action and other excitements such as poker games, even if they didn’t really made the poker as thrilling as it could be. This is definitely a different, new Bond, a surprisingly good one that actually made me wanna go and see another Bond movie again!

I think he is more like the old Sean Connery-Bond but not at all as snobbish as earlier Bond’s.

So you might say that I’ve bond to Bond!

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    Sandy said:

    So…you have come around and are now liking 007!! Well good for you!! I have always LOVED him but you see I am a movie BUFF and just LOVE movies!! Always have!! I love action movies and horror movies and well just MOVIES !! Thanks for letting me know that this is a good one..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, surprisingky enough, I now like 007 :-) Even though his female boss is the best!

    Gattina said:

    I comment from Egypt, it s too cool now to stay at the beach I try to post from time to time.
    I just read you don t like James Bond me either, I slept yesterday very nicely while Bond chased the terrorists !

    Lifecruiser: What, cool on the beach? Now you’re teasing me…. Oh my, do you have good nerves to sleep around terrorists ;-)

    Camilo said:

    The most important thing that I found about this Bond is that he is actually human: he hurts, aches and falls in love, and he remains true to his loyalties.
    The lack of gadgets helped as well. OK, so everything is a Sony, but the car last for all of ten seconds, while the guy has to go on on his wit and determination. Cool new paradigm for masculinity :)

    Lifecruiser: The poor car…. And yes, the non-gadgets – except for the defibrillator of course, but that one the girl is handling :-)

    Hootin Anni said:

    Me either! I still to this day think Sean Connery is ‘stuffy’ as you put it. And so many people think he’s adorable and sexy…I think he’s British and boring…even if he ISN’T Brit. LOL Then, all the rest of them before the new one came out….boring as a glass filled with false teeth soaking on my night stand!!

    Granted, I haven’t see the new Casino Royale, but may rent it now that I read your entry.

    (I do like Judy Bench—Bond’s, James Bond’s boss! She is a real dame! Oh my, I made a funny!!! Guess she IS a dame in real life…more British stuff. *laughing while joking around*

    Have a terrific New Year Mrs. L.

    Lifecruiser: Ah, yes, I forgot to mention the wonderful Judy Bench. A great actris, the very best. I love her. I hope you’re having a terrifc New Year too anni and that I find your blogaddress somehow because this link don’t work!

    Frances said:

    Haven’t seen a James Bond film since Moore stopped doing them.
    But I just might see this one based on your review.
    Thanks for sharing,

    Lifecruiser: Yes, you do so, because it was worth seeing!

    Irish Church Lady said:

    Happy Christmas Holidaze to you LC! I’m back and all caught up on your blog!

    Glad to see you had some nice Christmas celebrations together!

    I have never been a big Bond fan but I will tell you that the one BOND movie I did enjoy was the first one I saw when I was a teenager and it was LIVE and LET DIE!!! hahaha I was not expecting to like it so because of that I did! Since then some of them have been better than others, but not the same for me as my first one. I haven’t even seen them all but I did go see Casino Royale because I heard it was good and I really enjoyed it. Not the first few scenes because there was too much violence but I loved the storyline and I really enjoyed the new Bond. I thought he was pretty good. Glad you enjoyed it too!

    I found your post on the traditional Swedish Christmas food and customs very interesting, BTW!


    Lifecruiser: I’m glad you did enjoy it :-) Ha haha! That made me laugh out loud too, that your first Bond movie was Live and Let Die! *giggles*

    TorAa said:

    Yes, it might be time for confessions: When teenager, I did not like Elvis and later on the Beatles.
    On the other hand: xMas is a wonderful souvenir from my childhood. We were indeed 4 generations here on Christmas eve.

    Wish you and your family and friens the very best for 2007.

    PS. Going on “Harry” tour Friday.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, I dodn’t like elvis either and I’m not sure I do now. Beatles is another thing, I liked them, but today I think they’re freakin’ fabulous fantastic!

    I wish a hilarious happy ending of 2006 and new 2007 for you, Anna and the rest of your family!

    You know that Harry tour would make me curious… *s*

    Mikeachim said:

    I thought it was……fantastic.
    I’ve always had a problem with Bond films. Especially ones with Roger Moore (gggnnnnnnn) in them.
    But this…..
    It’s so nice, for a change, to have Bond as a real flesh & blood person. He gets hurt. He’s arrogant. He makes mistakes. He learns and he changes.
    (And Daniel Craig can really, really act).
    I’m greatly looking forward to the next one…..

    Lifecruiser: It’s strange huh, that the thing that they have protected so much about Bond, to preserve his snobbish attitude and cool’ness (read lack of feelings and face expressions) actually is the thing that we dislike the most about him?

    Bring on the next Bond movie :-)

    sudiegirl said:

    My dad and I always watched Bond movies together when I was a kid. This year, on the first anniversary of his passing, I watched a James Bond movie with my fiance, but it didn’t have quite the same feeling. The fiance kept asking questions in the middle of important scenes, and it pissed me off.

    Oh well – it was magic for a time.

    Have a good ‘un.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, oh, no questions during movies – the golden rule! *lol*

    Melli said:

    Well… I have to admit that as a teenager I did NOT care for Bond. I found him rather boring too. But once I reached a certain age…. nearly 30 I suppose… something *clicked* and suddenly Bond became everything he was ever meant to be! I also have to admit that Sean Connery (in MY heart) will ALWAYS be Bond! I don’t believe ANYONE ever played him so well!

    Norma said:

    I read a review that thought the latest Bond movie was more attractive for gay guys than women.

    I can’t remember if I”ve ever seen a Bond movie; possibly walked through a room when it was on TV, but don’t remember any.

    Lifecruiser: Well, I can imagine that since the new bond seems more sensitive and vulnerable than the old one, which I guess attract gay guys. I wouldn’t say that I find the new Bond attractive in the hadnsome way, but in the humane way defenitely :-)

    Dead@casino said:

    All Daniel craig’s movie Like “Casino royale” are good movies

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