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Help! We’re having a Tackle It brain melt down! We have so many things to tackle that we can’t choose which one and need help from YOU!

Lame excuse, I know, but we do have other excuses - our back’s - we’re old people! You have to think of the fact that this is our very first Tackle It Tuesday, the last one when I created the Tackle It Tuesday blogroll and code were kind of a bonus effect only :-)

Despite our old bodys we’ve done a lot:

- Changing bedsheets, which takes us for ever since it only makes us wanna go back in bed………… to sleep ;-)
- Doing some laundry so we didn’t have to go naked
- Shopping tonnes of grocerys to the hungry monster
- Homecooked dinner every day to keep monster calm
- The dishes (no machine) to have something to eat from
- Put away bags with “crap” in different “hidings”
- Made several very difficult phone calls (inhuman!)
- Made some difficult paper work (for my mother)

Does preparations for birthday’s count too? We’re short of time here. What to buy to a 50 year old brother and a 80 year old mother, when they already have all they want…?

Here are our “real” Tackles that’s need to get done:

1) Cleaning the windows, which are not cleaned for almost 3 years (!) *blushing*
Excuse: We’ve not been at home that much before, because of our heavy travelling, then sicknesses, other responsibilities to near ones with priority 1.

Why we haven’t done it now? Uhum, it has been raining a lot this fall, hasn’t it…?

2) Cleaning my own closet
Excuse: No desire to do it? Old, boring clothes… Wait, maybe I should just throw everything out and go shopping for new ones? I need my lottery dream to come true first though.

3) Cleaning our common closet
Excuse: A lot of crap and some big boxes in there that makes it difficult to do any noticable improvements. And you never know what’s in there in such full spaces, maybe it’s something that demands that you DO something? *horror thought*

4) Cleaning the lower cupboard in the kitchen
Excuse: it’s were we put the food trashes *yikes* I thought I saw something move in there…

5) Cleaning the bathroom more properly
Excuse: It’s not fresh even when it’s fresh, because of the landlords bad trial and errors of fixing certain cracks in the joints of floor and walls. *sigh*

6) Vacuumclean and wipe the floors
Excuse: The absolutely worst chores for us… even if we do it nude to make it more fun.

7) Whispering in fear: Cleaning the basement store
Excuse: You’d know if you saw it - tiny, full to the entrance door…

8) Re-arrange old paintings and put up “new” ones we bought 2 years ago on our honeymoon
Excuse: some of the paintings don’t match and needs to be taken down maybe and we have difficulties to apart from them… Though the new ones is too wonderful and expensive to just stand in the closet!

We have a general excuse to all this too: we didn’t think that we would stay here, we were planning to move… First to an apartment in the very center of the city, then we changed our mind. Now we’re waiting for other things to solve first. Then we maybe will escape to some warmer place on this earth…

So, I’m begging you TIT’s (*lol*) experts and other friends, please leave your opinion of which one you think that we should start with or a complete priority list if you want to be really effective!

Have mercy with us TITYFUL bloggers ;-)

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Comments on Tityful Tackle Bloggers

  • 1

    I think if you have to clean something it should be vacuuming. But I also think it would be easier to move..

    Lifecruiser: You’re only saying that because you’re hoping that we would post picture of us nude… ;-)

  • 2

    That sounds like what I’m up against here too! I can’t even begin to get to those projects yet, but my thought process would say go with what is visible first and work your way to the unseens. For example, windows before closets, unless you’re in the mood for the opposite!

    Happy Tackling!

    Lifecruiser: Sounds reasonable, if we only can get our bodys to do it…. We are in negotiations now…

  • 3

    Ugh… it sounds like you’ve got lots of huge tackles to tackle. I’m not even brave enough to make such a list!

    I think you should start with cleaning out your closet… b/c as you said you can throw everything out and go shopping ;)

    By the way, I’m sorry that we were so late getting our tackle up tonight. I was updating our tackle it banner and information. And I finally included the link to your blogroll code. Thanks for doing that and I’m sorry about the delay in getting it on our site.

    (By the way, one of the first times Janice emailed me about our newly created “Tackle It Tuesday” meme, she used the acronym “TIT” and I laughed out loud. Neither of us realized the unfortunate initials when we created it. LOL)

    Happy tackling!!!

    Lifecruiser: It was terrible to make the list…. OK, one vote for the closet cleaning as prio 1. No need to apologize for being late :-) We’re just thankful to you to have started something like this! And for the TIT, I just couldn’t resist the fun of mentioning it :-)

  • 4
    mar SPAIN said:

    I hate housework. I think what really needs to be kept clean are the kitchen and the bathroom. .. Floors at the end of the list, when everything else is done. Nope: those are the windows!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, so you mean we’ve to clean the bathroom…… *shaking and shiver with fear*

  • 5
    miss ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Just book another trip.. and leave the cleaning to someone else *lol*… Nevada looks great… the visitors guide just arrived in the mail :)

    Lifecruiser: Don’t tease me like that… *sobbing*

  • 6
    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    Tackling the list was enough. Put it all of until TIT next and enjoy the day. Birthday gifts for eighty year old Moms are always a challenge. And it doesn’t get any easier.

    Lifecruiser: Wise advice :-) Yes, this is particularly difficult since she have a bad vision too…

  • 7
    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Well lets not even discuss the windows until the spring. We can keep wiping that center spot clean to see through until then, can’t we!!!!

    How about the pictures. That sounds like fun and sounds easy too. I am all about easy!

    Have you got time to put a really nice photo book of your travels together for your Mom? Bet she would like that! Just a thought!

    Take care and don’t stress too much today!

    Lifecruiser: You’ve got the right attitude babe *lol*. It’s raining here every day now and I bet that suddenly, when the rain stops, it will be too cold to clean the windows. I hope ;-)

    The idea about the pictures photos were excellent except for one fact: she has a really bad vision, or rather some kind of problems with the connections in the brain to the eyes. sometimes she can see even details in the room, sometimes hardly nothing at all and she has very difficult to see pictures, sadly enough.

    We did go around a bit today, but decided to not stress too much and go out tomorrow instead.

  • 8
    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    Um, yeah, I see no problem with this. Much the same here. Maybe you should start some I’ll Do You If You Do Me Service, where you go and clean each other’s houses. It’s at least fun coz you get to snoop around and if you’re lucky their place is in a better state than yours. So, good idea or what, lol?

    Lifecruiser: Really good idea, except from the fact that then they get to snoop around here too and we already have our curious watch dog (the nearest neighbor). It’s a sport we have, to NOT let her know anything more about us… just to tease and tickle her…. *lol*

  • 9
    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    I think I would change the paintings because you could always switch back if you don’t like the effect…also, it seems the easiest chore & I like to take the easy way when it comes to chores. lol

    Lifecruiser: Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying that! I wanted so bad that someone would say that! *lol*

  • 10
    Tammy UNITED STATES said:

    Hey.. why did you steal my to do list?? LOL The thing I hate most about cleaning is the bathroom.. but heck you could always do what I did.. throw out your back and have everyone else do the cleaning! LOL¨

    Lifecruiser: OH, I’m sorry - you can have it back at once ;-) It would be difficult to have everyone else doing the cleaning since there only is us two and here… So I must at least try to do things or pretend I’m doing them… :-)

  • 11

    Looks like you’ve done a lot already! And like you have “tackles” lined up for the next several months! If it were me, I’d start with the floors as the most immediate (but definitely not in the nude). Organizing closets can wait, but, to me, if the floors are a mess I feel like the whole house is a mess. Vacuuming. to me, can brighten up the room pretty quickly. And I’d think about the birthday gifts while I did it. :)

    Lifecruiser: normally, I would agree with you, but I’m not normal any longer ;-) It’s my back, it’s killing me if I vaccumcleaning and almost Mr Lifecruiser too, so I prefer for us to stay alive a little longer… *lol*

  • 12
    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    It’s a sport we have, to NOT let her know anything more about us… just to tease and tickle her…. *lol*

    That’s a good one. I do that with people too sometimes (esp. the nosey ones). It drives them mad. And that’s the fun part indeed.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really is! *lol* Though she is useful to have - there is no risk there can come any strangers and try to get into our apartment when we’re away without getting thousands of questions of her! They’ll go away just to get away from her… *lol*

  • 13
    Erna CANADA said:

    I would tackle the pictures first. It would give you something to look at and may brighten your spirit, making you look forward to making more changes in the grand scheme of thing. Starting off with a list is a great idea . . . I have my list here. I plan to tackle one thing and often find I tackle something else. I like fun tackles but I’m not a hoarder so I don’t have a whole bunch of clutter lying around to tackle. So, I tackle the things I might put off until forever having two little ones around. Sorry, I’ve rambled a bit here . I better spend time with my oldest while the youngest is napping.

    Gifts . . . good question! We do dinner certificates for my parents but they’re not 80 and they’re mobile. They have everything they need. It’s a toughie!

    Lifecruiser: Ahhh, thanks for that. That one seems to be in a leading position now, great! The one I prefer the most, so that’s just perfect :-)

  • 14

    I vote for cleaning the bathroom…that’s what I’m tackling today and I think someone else should have to feel the horror and pain of doing this kind of job! lol!!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, no! Not one vote more for the bathroom! *horror* Please, someone, vote for anything else! HELP…. *lol*

  • 15
    Chana CANADA said:

    :lol: i think this is fun..nice to know how much you enjoy Mr. Lifecruiser…romance is alive and well-Yuppiii!

    i say do the paintings that you got on your honeymoon. they will bring you great memories and a sense of what the celebration was all about..something beautiful to look at that brings up great emotions..how can you go wrong i say.

    Lifecruiser: Yes…. *dreamy look in my face* Thank you for one more vote for the paintings!!!! It sounds like a clear lead for that one, hurray x millions! (I hope not everybody after this will vote for ……. *whispering so low you won’t hear anything*

  • 16
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    That is a totally scary list and has me shaking with fear! I’m not going to reread it, for fear that I might actually talk myself into doing one of those!

    Lifecruiser: I’m very serviceminded of me - maybe I should sent it to you? *lol*

  • 17

    I’d go for the closets!! The feeling afterwards is a terrific one once all done….

    Good luck!!!


    Lifecruiser: Hm… well, I might find some clothes I didn’t know that I owned in there… *lol*

  • 18
    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    Although I didn’t participate this week - I still give you my opinion. If you delete the comment - well - what can I say :lol:.

    Anyway - go with your worst chore first - in your case - vacuum the house :)…

    Lifecruiser: OK, still counting the votes…. *lol*

  • 19

    I agree with Iris - go with your worst chore first and the most visible.

    good luck - have fun!

    Lifecruiser: So, one more vote for that… I think you’ll liked the idea of nude cleaning! Ha ha ha!!!!

  • 20
    Turtles UNITED STATES said:

    Hmmm, vacuuming in the nude? That certainly would make things alot more interesting. Might give the neighbor’s something to talk about or maybe running away screaming!

    Looks like your list is enough of a tackle as is, but if I have to choose something I’d say the closet. It’s a good excuse to say “but, honey, I don’t have anything to wear! I’ve got to go shoppin”.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it would be either way - maybe interesting to see which it will be? *lol* OK, one more for the closet….

  • 21
    R'acquel AUSTRALIA said:

    If i were in your shoes, i would be feeling wiped out (especially if it’s been a day of difficult phone calls on top) - so I’d opt for sticking my feet in the air with a bloody good book (or something) and chill out.

    The tackles you’ve listed sound ambitious. Consider breaking one of them down by creating another to-do list. Chop it up with an axe, create much smaller bite-sized goals within it that will be much easier for you to achieve step by step.

    No point in tackling something if you don’t want to do it and it’s even worse if you are fatigued or in pain. I’d go for the smallest space first, whatever seems the easiest of the lot on your list - so I vote for the closet.

    If the space you’re confronting is very overwhelming, then it’s likely that you’re bound to encounter something that’s gone well beyond it’s use-by date living in there, so they will be easy to chuck out. I find it cathartic to chuck shit like that out. It can also be somewhat amusing to discover the things that lurk in such spaces too. Who knows, you could find something very interesting.

    I remember wiping out my pregnant wardrobe. I had virtually nothing to wear, but it became a good excuse for me to start sewing new clothes. I’m a complete nutter to do something like that, but the upside was that it left me with much less washing to do ;)

    The most satisfying thing that i did for myself during that time was replacing the 5yo underwear that i had been wearing since pregnancy. (Like, so bad that the elastic stopped being an elastic) Oh man, it felt so good to be in undies with proper grip again.

    Yeah. Maybe you can start with something really small like that - with something like undies or socks (if they live in your closet). Maybe small things like that could help you vacuum in style?

    Yes. Of course I’d love to see pictures!

    Anywayz, i’ll be keeping in touch coz i’m such a gawd danged pervert when it comes to tackling household mess.

    More pictures please! & Good luck!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, I obeyed that first recommendation totally! *lol*

    OK, break down the tackles to smaller ones, advice heard. Let’s see if I can manage to hold it. It can take us for ages to start, but when we do, we can’t stop and almost kill ourselves in the mission ;-)

    I have to tell you that pictures will of course come, horrible ones some of them *big warning sign*, I just thought that it’s better to show them when we actually DO the tackle.

    So, one more vote for the closet… I guess go shopping for new clothes is a tackle by itself, it’s not that easy to this body and mind I tell you ;-)

  • 22
    Jenn UNITED STATES said:

    OH WOW momma!! Sounds like a heck of a list - and many of the things on it are things I NEED to do too!!! I hate how stuff piles up!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, maybe you’d better to stay away from here then, because it will come PICTURES next time too ;-)

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