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Thirteen ♥ about…

1. I’m very good with my hands. They follow the curves in a very sensual way, making it to an almost divine experience. I’m totally lost for the world around me when I’m doing it. With open mouth, tongue movements and almost drooling. Pure art it is. I have it in me naturally. Mr Lifecruiser thinks so too, he’s always praising my gifts. I need to practise very often to keep up the skill and feeling for it though. Earlier in my life I was very asked for, to do my deeds. Sometimes they were even standing in a line to let me do it for them. But I’ve never charged for my services. It has always been pure pleasure for me. (It’s calligraphy I’m talking about – what were you thinking of?)

2. I am the kind of person that always has been writing (and reading) a lot of stuff. Just scribbled any thoughts that comes in to my mind, on the writing pad in front of me, during phone calls, in school books during lessons in school, in my diary or calendar, in thousands of letters with many pen pals, later on in emails, on small notes, on websites and now as a blogger. Yes, and I’m guilty of the crime of writing on benches or doors sometimes too. Teenage stuff including hearts *lol*.

3. If I could measure up how many words I’ve been written in my life I’m sure that it would reach around the whole world several times around. I wonder how many pens I worn out? Wouldn’t it have been cool if I had counted them all? I was even collecting different kind of pens at one point in my life. I’ve got penomania (I just invented that word) – I want all the pen’s that I think is real nice to write with. And there really is pen’s that is like a dream to write with – I’m getting lyrical here! Seriously!

4. When I was young I wrote a lot of stories. I even won some small contests and got prize money and a couple of diplomas. No big deal. It was just fun. I don’t know what I got it all from – or where it eventually went. The fantasy has sort of drifted away and left me alone, with this kind of dry writing style that some people seem to have difficulty to understand. I think I confuse a lot of people. They don’t get the humour in it, they just find it strange and I find it strange that they can’t get the feeling of it…

5. I’ve always wanted to write a book. There are a lot of people that said that I should, during the years, but I never seem to have the energy to start. Some years it really was no time for it, so there are valid excuses for not doing it. It’s really tough competition too, so I would not head for a bestseller ;-) just do it for my own satisfaction. I can’t tell you what it would be about, because I have several ideas for books, but I can say that it probably would be a little bit different. No typical novel. I’ll let you know if it ever happens, then you can request a personally signed copy. Just be aware of the fact that I might write something different there too…. You’ll never know with me.

6. I do wish that Miss Ass. Lifecruiser would write a book about her life. She is so unbelievable unlucky or have a curse on her or something. Something is always happening to her and it’s very seldom her own fault. There is so much stuff there that could make whole series of books actually. The problem is that she doesn’t want to write them herself. It’s very complicated, I can’t write it either, I’ve problem just to remember all the things she keeps telling me all the time! She needs a real professional writer, no one else will be able to manage it. Any volunteer?

7. I’m not any good at writing song texts, poetry, rhymes or such thing. I’m even glad that the tradition to write rhymes on the Christmas gifts almost is gone. It’s much more difficult to write that kind of stuff, you have so few words to get it right with. I guess I’m too long-winded hah?

8. I hardly ever regret any thing I’ve written. That’s probably because I get the chance to really think it through before I send it. My mouth (and mind?) can’t just slip something out. When I put it down on the paper or computer, my mind is thinking it through as I type it in and many times I realize how wrong it would be to write it like that. When I finally send it, I’m really ready with the content and therefore I won’t regret it. It’s safe writing, you know - like safe sex *lol*.

9. I love to write silly stuff in the sand or with stones, branches and cones in the nature. I like the thought of that when I’m leaving messages behind like that, other people will read it and maybe smile a little - get my message. The idea of a letter in a bottle, bobbing on the waves over the sea is really appealing to me, some day I will just have to throw one in!

10. Sometimes I want to prescribe people to write to each other instead of speaking. There are a lot of situations when people don’t seem to be able to speak to each other and therefore a lot of unpleasant or sad things is to follow. If they would write instead, they wouldn’t be able to do that whole silly accusing act and screaming at each other instead of listening and solving the actual problem they have. Writing is causing you to think about what you’re writing and what the other part is writing – but not at the same time, so you’re actually thinking more carefully what you’re “saying” and what the other one is “saying” too. So, who want a prescription…?

11. The only person that has got real written love letters from me is Mr Lifecruiser. In my whole life. Not whole letters, but suitable cards with very personal love words written. I’ve got a bunch from him too and we’ve saved all of them. They’re really nice to refresh some precious memories with now and then, even though we’re making new ones all the time.

12. Mr Lifecruiser and I were writing to each other for almost 7 weeks (very intensive!) before we actually met each other the first time. Yes, we met at an international Internet dating site. No, we don’t have any problem with that, it’s like when you meet some one in real life. Either you are fitted for each other or not, the method of meeting is of no meaning. The only difference is that you reach more far away over the internet. In our case it was not the case, because we lived in different suburbs of Stockholm. Pretty close. We were supposed to be friends only, neither one of us were in a hurry of getting a new relationship. Both of us had very long relationships behind us and wanted some recovery time. We had a lot of fun and very long word duels on the internet, through day and nights actually. Both of us wanted the last word :-) We created a rock solid ground of friendship, got to know everything about each other before we finally meet for a coffee. That coffee was a very long drink….. “and they lived happily ever after”… *lol*

13. This is my writing, good or bad, dumb or clever, fun or boring or whatever. I’m letting you in here to see a tiny bit of my inside. I hope that you see it as an experience.


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Comments on Thursday Thirteen Writing

  • 1
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Great TT Mrs Lifecruiser :)
    I used to write short stories when I was a child, and poems too. I don’t have time to do that now, life gets in the way lol

  • 2
    Robin UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve always been writing too, for as long as I can remember.

    Happy TT!

  • 3
    K T Cat UNITED STATES said:

    Hey, don’t diminish #4! That is really impressive.

    My TT is up.

  • 4
    Becky GERMANY said:

    I think if it’s your dream…and it seems to be…I think you should do it…What’s the worst that could happen.

  • 5
    Dariana UNITED STATES said:

    Oh you are soooooooooo bad, lol. #1 almost had me headed for the COLDEST shower I could find. Too cute. Happy TT, mine are up.

  • 6
    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    It IS clever, and I too have always wanted to write a book

    My T T is published

  • 7
    carmen UNITED STATES said:

    I was reading your number 1, and just laughing! :lol:

    I procrastinated on book writing, too. For some reason, participating in National Novel Writing Month helped motivate me. Give it a try.

    My list is up

  • 8
    mar SPAIN said:

    Writing down thoughts and emotions is such a wonderful task. I agree with your nr 10!! Go for a book! you have the talent and ideas, find the time, you can do it! :)

  • 9
    Debi UNITED STATES said:

    Great list - you should write a book. You write well.

  • 10
    colleen UNITED STATES said:

    I thought it was massage. I frequently write on my hand. I wonder if you both could type in different colors otherwise I think I’m confused! Mine are posted.

  • 11
    Karen UNITED STATES said:

    gosh, I was hoping to actually get a whole 13 about sex- that would certainly make for an interesting thursday, wouldn’t it. nice list!

  • 12
    ames UNITED STATES said:

    I wish I could write. I find I can express myself visually better than verbally - I guess that is why I talk with my hands and say, “you know what I am talking about A LOT”

    my T13 is up - drop in and say hey :)

  • 13
    Jackie UNITED STATES said:

    I enjoyed your list, especially because you went into detail on each item. My son asked me the other day why people write if hardly any books make a profit. I told him that writers write because they have to write, it’s just who they are.

  • 14
    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    It is a lot easier for me to write words than to speak them. *s* Great TT you have today…really enjoyed it very much.

  • 15
    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve always written in in one form or another. Most of it is lost or in that stack of abandoned papers in the garage. Those of us who write feel some inner need to do so.
    You and Mr. L. have such a wonderful relationship and it shows through in this as in everything you write.
    Number 1 almost had me grabbing Wanda and heading back to the bedroom this rainy day on Groundhog Mountain. But my caligraphy is not so good.

  • 16

    Wow! It took you all seven years before you met in person? Were you nervous to meet or just circumstances?

    Very interesting!

  • 17
    Mrs. Fun UNITED STATES said:

    I used to love to write and then i found the internet way back when. I perfer to type now :)

  • 18
    michelle UNITED STATES said:

    Great post! Very well written.

    My TT is up.

  • 19
    Angel UNITED STATES said:

    What a great list–you got me at #1 LOL :oops:

    Just from reading this, you definitely should write a book–your writing is very inviting.

    Happy Thursday!

  • 20
    feedscott UNITED STATES said:

    Thanks for sharing your 13


  • 21

    I really enjoyed reading your TT. And thanks for dropping by mine.

  • 22
    Lisa UNITED STATES said:

    Wow… you didn’t spend much time on that one! Great post! Happy TT!

  • 23

    Writing is what it is all about, isn’t it?

    My T13 is up!

  • 24
    tnchick UNITED STATES said:

    I use to write a lot and loved my hand writing then my keyboard came along and ruined that. My handwriting stinks now compared to what it was. I also use to write love letters to my hunny - we still have them.

  • 25
    Rusty UNITED STATES said:

    Wow…what a wonderful list. You’re an excellent writer!

  • 26

    Great list - the you are a wonderful writer. My TT is up.

  • 27

    I think writing a letter is a lost art. I think that writting lets you say what you are really thinking and is an excellent form of communication. You my dear are a gifted writer. I hope you do write your novel. My TT is up.

  • 28
    Red Queen UNITED STATES said:

    Writing is so theraputic. Both my daughter and I write a great deal. Stop by, my TT is up also. Be blessed today.

  • 29
    suzy UNITED STATES said:

    You’re great at writing!

  • 30

    This is a wonderful 13! You write very well….Happy Thursday!

  • 31
    ashley UNITED STATES said:

    i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to write a book! my ideas are either a “you had a baby; so now what?” book or a kids book. i’d be satisfied either way.
    visit me if you have a chance1

  • 32
    Wendy UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve just started to write and it feels really good to get it down.

  • 33
    Amy UNITED STATES said:

    How appropriate to have a 13 about writing! I loved it! I wish I could do caligraphy (I’m not that talented) and I’ve always dreamed of writing a book! Good for you!

  • 34
    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Great list. I have never been much of a writer. I just babel on about things. I like your list. Thanks for the visit.:lol:

  • 35

    Great list….I find your writing quite lovely. I also met my husband on the net :wink:

  • 36
    Karin UNITED STATES said:

    A very appropriate theme I think :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • 37
    Nikki PHILIPPINES said:

    So true about #10. I am one of those people that find it much easier to write what I feel rather than speak it. This is a pretty great list and I like the way you write. Very insightful. :grin:

  • 38
    nat UNITED STATES said:

    I’m with those who think you should just go ahead and write your book! Do it FOR YOU!! (even if nobody else ever reads it.)

    Wonderful 13! Thanks for visiting mine!

  • 39

    I bet you love blogging because it gives you a great chance to write! :)

    Thanks for visiting me!

  • 40
    Leesa UNITED STATES said:

    Neat 13!

  • 41

    Interesting stuff, maybe you’ll be published one day!

  • 42

    #10 is my favorite…I think it would solve and help so many problems (good and bad ones).

  • 43
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks every one for so much nice comments, you made my day, you rocks :-)

    Sleeping Mommy: I guess it was a little bit because of circumstances, but also other things like that as a women you have to be careful with people on the internet, that we weren’t even sure that we wanted to meet at first - ahh a lot of other things too. Not nvervous, not a bit, beacuse we were sooo good friends and totally comfortable with each other.

    Dave: I’m sure Wanda loves your calligraphy!!!

  • 44

    You are right about the writing prescription. It’d be great to do that everyday. I love how you leave messages from nature for people to find and smile! That is sooo sweet! :)

  • 45
    Jessika UNITED STATES said:

    I loved to write until Ihad kids… I put my feelings better in writing and if I need to really apologize you will get a letter from me. :oops: My TT are up as well.

  • 46
    Jen UNITED STATES said:

    I enjoy writing, too, but I only like to write about things that have actually happened. I like to read non-fiction more than fiction, too. I think because when something totally unbelievable happens in a fiction work, you know the author didn’t know how to move the story along, but if it happens in a non-fiction work it’s AMAZING!

    Cool 13, thanks for stopping by mine :)

  • 47
    ivoryfrog UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Great TT!
    I have always wanted to write a book but I seem to get stuck before I start. Crazy huh? Maybe its just not the right time yet..they say everyone has a book in them.

    I am trying to learn calligraphy, through the partwork collection called “The art of calligraphy” I have always wanted to learn since they did it at my school 14 years ago (primary school) and I was left out from the class because I am left handed and they didn’t have the right equipment for me or something!

    Thanks for visiting my T13!
    Take Care
    Ivoryfrog x

  • 48
    Uisce UNITED STATES said:

    You should write a book. it’s one of those things you can always say. “I wrote a book”… NaNoWriMo is only six months away!

  • 49
    me2 said:

    I love your list
    thanx for passing by mine & sharing
    have a good day :)

  • 50
    Kasia POLAND said:

    About this book…if you write it - I want an autograph. And do write it. I mean it. your writing is the best.

  • 51
    Jane UNITED STATES said:

    OK, #1 made me laugh out LOUD!!!!:lol:
    I envy those who write well, I try but it is not my talent. I hope you write your novel.
    Thanks SO much for stopping by my T13. I am a little late getting around to everyone since I had doctor’s appointments yesterday and a KILLER headache!!

  • 52
    Renee UNITED STATES said:

    I used to do caligraphy…but I’ve developed a tremor and I had to give it up. I still get asked to do it and will only do very small items like addresses.

    Glad that you enjoyed the interviews. Thanks for stopping by.

  • 53
    karen! UNITED STATES said:

    when I was in high school, I made up stories that were like sleazy romance novels about the group of kids at my lunch table! And every day, they wanted me to read to them the latest update! Oh, how I wish I had kept those stories.
    Thanks for visiting my t13!

  • 54
    Froggie CANADA said:

    I love your list… I have always felt that I communicate much better by writting than speaking. I find it easier to get what I truely want to say down on paper, especially since I can read it over and revise. :) I was with someone at one time who always professed he hating communicating through writing, but never really communicated through speaking very well. It was always yelling and turning a back while the other person was speaking. Writing allows you to get it down with out having tones of voice getting in the way.

    I am definetely bookmarking your page… I love your writing. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  • 55
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Mrs Life-cruiser. Here’s my new blog URL. Please update your link, thnx

  • 56

    I’m sorry its taken me so late to make my TT rounds!

    I think #12 is just the sweetest thing ever. :)

  • 57
    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    I have a serious mistrust of people who can’t write in a nice hand. I can’t explain why (and perhaps it’s a bit unfair) but I have the feeling that people who never write (and therefore lack the fluency) must have dark and gruesome thoughts inside. Writing can be a very intimate thing too: it’s what’s on your mind more than words that are spoken can ever be. (Oh, and don’t get me wrong: the silliest note on the back of a supermarket receipt is enough; it doesn’t have to be literature, as long as it’s done with the heart).

  • 58
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks every one, you rocks!

    I know what you mean, napfisk.

  • 59
    Tricia CANADA said:

    I’ve always been interested in writing as well. When I was a child I used to make up stories and write them out, and then as I got older I dreamed of becoming a writer. Well, that didn’t happen, but I’m satisfying some of my writing desires on the net. :)

    Great site- thanks for your visit too!

  • 60
    Courtney UNITED STATES said:

    LOL I’m still laughing at #1…you had me going there.

  • 61
    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    You are a wonderful writer :smile:. If you don’t want to write a book, you always can write an e-book, which might be much easier to publish.
    I totally agree with you that writing sometimes is much better as a conversation than speaking - like you said you can think about it.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts.

  • 62
    Norma UNITED STATES said:

    How delightful. I love to write too, but it never led me to the one I love. Thanks for sharing an interesting perspective.

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