Meet 13 of our ♥ oldies goldies in our home

Mr Lifecruisers Admiral

1. The Admiral, Cornelius Peter Wleügel, (danish nobility). He is an ancestor to Mr Lifecruiser.

Lifecruisers drawing of old royal clothes

2. Drawing of The Royal Swedish Court dresses from about 1786. This one I bought of a private antique shop. The original.

Lifecruisers boxpicture of girls

3. Old picture of sweet girls on a Chocolate box.

Lifecruisers old Napoleon liqueur

4. Mandarine Napoleon liqueur that Mr Lifecruiser bought around 1982 – and still not opened! The porcelaine bottle is from the famous Limoges in France.

Lifecruisers old coffee kettle

5. Old coffee kettle made of Copper that Mr Lifecruiser have inherited from his beloved grandmother. He spent a lot of time with her and she had the most exciting real life stories to tell him about.

Lifecruisers old...

6. Old…. yes, guess what it is???? We found it on a Christmas market and thought it was interesting.
Update with the answer: it’s a meat mincer.

Lifecruisers old bridle

7. Old bridle I found and fell in Love with at a fair about antiques. It’s for a farm horse from a long time ago. I could still almost feel the smell of the horse…

Lifecruisers old camera

8. One of my dads old cameras that I inherited. It’s an Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/16, film format 120, photo 6 x 6 cm, lens 75mm f/4.5, manufactured 1937 to 1945. I also got an old cool manual for the amateur photographer from 1942. Very scientific. He also had one of these box cameras and he did all developing himself at home. I remembering him taking photos of us all the time, but the strange thing is that after he passed away, most of the photos were gone too. We suspect that they had been stolen, because there was no negatives either and that sure was negative for us :-(

Lifecruisers old phone

9. An old classic phone I spotted in a shop with old things. These kind of phones was common here in Sweden around the fifties and sixties. This one was never used, still in it’s box, so I just had to have it. The ringing is very loud!

Lifecruisers military hat

10. An old military hat from the swedish army that I fell in love with at a military antique shop and just must have too. The funny thing was that from the moment we went in there to the moment we went out, the man in the shop was only looking and talking with Mr Lifecruiser, despite the fact that it was ME that was most interested in the old things there and wanted to buy them. Mr Lifecruiser tried to explain that for the man several times, but he just didn’t see me *lol*.

Lifecruisers confession square

11. This is the pattern outcarved holes in our confessional in the kitchen….. The door on the closet looks exactly like a confessional, so we began to joke about it and now i’ts official. Wanna hear our confessions…? Send us an email and we’ll confess our deepest secrets to you.

Lifecruisers angel

12. Well, because we’re no angels our selves, we have to have some angel here watching over our heads….

Mrs Lifecruisers old sock

13. Oooops… How on earth did my old sock end up here…? And yes, it got a hole in it! Wool on wool it is :-)


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52 Comments on “Thursday Thirteen Oldies”

    mar said:

    I love antiques! you have such a pretty collection here! We have an old camera like your nr 8 from my husband’s grandfather. Is your nr. 6 for cheese maybe? very interesting! Happy Thursday!

    Karen said:

    I love old cameras, and would love to have one like that!! so- what IS number 6?

    Joan said:

    I love old things. Of course I am an antique little girl myself.

    tnchick said:

    you have some great things. wow, the camera would be cool… LOL@ the sock. You always bring smiles.

    ames said:

    what a treasure #8 is – I collect cameras…

    my T13 is up if you have a chance to stop by.

    Sherri said:

    gotta love the nostalgia!

    …thanks for visiting my site:)

    Carolyn said:

    Very pretty! a great collection of antiques. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    My list is up:

    Dotm said:

    I enjoyed seeing all those old times items. very interesting.

    angie said:

    You have some really unique and interesting things in your home! Great photos!

    YellowRose said:

    What a collection you have there!! Pretty cool stuff! I love the phone! Great List!

    Happy Thursday, my 13 is up!

    Gayle said:

    I love oldies! But best is the sentimental value to seem to have for them. Enjoy them all for many years. Even the sock!

    TLC said:

    Fun list! A confessional in your kitchen? What, are you planning your own reality series?

    My T13 is up!

    Lazy Daisy said:

    Wow, love your collection. My TT is up.

    Christine said:

    I just love the porcelain bottle, and the copper pot. You do have a wonderful collection.
    Happy TT!

    presentstorm said:

    I love vintage stuff .. how cool an idea for TT ..thanks for stopping by :)

    stacie said:

    Great TT..I love antiques. Is the mystery item a spatula or ice scraper? It looks like a scraper of some sort…My TT is up. Stacie

    Kelly said:

    I love the tea kettle, the phone and the camera!

    Happy Thursday!

    Moogie said:

    You have alot of really neat old things! Well, minus the sock of course. :) What the heck is #6?

    suzy said:

    what a nice collection!

    Debi said:

    That’s a great collection! Thanks for sharing!

    Peety said:

    :mrgreen: It is also a pleasure to make your acquaintance :grin: ..

    And we do share something in common and that is “holes’ in our socks!

    have a nice evening !!

    Norma said:

    I think #6 might be for punching down bread dough. I have something similar. A very nice group of pictures showing your appreciation of older items.

    My TT is up.

    Renee said:

    cute! love the sock. hee hee. I asked for my grandpa’s camera…but made the mistake of asking for it before he died (he was very sick at the time)…so grandma gave it to my brother who could care less about photography! GRRR

    here’s my tt

    better safe than sorry said:

    what a great way to show the list!
    i have no idea what that is, a cheese slicer? pie server, i’m thinking food.

    Undercover Angel said:

    My mom has an old phone like that, and I have many socks like that in my house. My TT is up.

    eph2810 said:

    Some great stuff you have – too cool.
    Actually we had the same phones in Germany when I grew up :)
    On #6 – I wanna say it is a ‘mincer/chopper’ – right? No, so what is it than.

    astrocoz said:

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

    I have to say, you’ve always got the most unique thursday 13s!

    jayne d'Arcy said:

    What a great TT list! And I like all the pictures accompanying it. Feel free to visit my first TT if you’d like.

    Amy said:

    That was very neat! My fiance and his dad love going to antique shows so I’ve been attending more of those lately. They are so neat to see all the old things! Great list and thanks for visiting mine :grin:

    Kim from Hiraeth said:

    What wonderful old treasures!

    I loved each and every one (even the sock because I miss my old woolen socks. . .)

    Denise said:

    You have a confessional in your kitchen? Very interesting!

    Debbie said:

    Great List! Gives me thoughts for next week!! Thanks for visiting my TT.

    Skittles said:

    You have a lot of nice treasures. :wink: Great TT list!

    guppyman said:

    Very cool stuff! I’m jealous over a few of them (esp. the one you didn’t identify….

    Rosei said:

    I love antiques! Yours are really beautiful! Great TT :)

    Kelly said:

    I love old vintage stuff! You have some great stuff!

    This is a great TT list!

    Janet said:

    omg that camera is AWESOME!!!

    Momma Bee said:

    Wow, very cool! I love that camera too!

    Leanne said:

    You’ve got some really cool old things hanging around your place! I would get frustrated having the camera and not being able to use it.

    Great sock though. Peeee-uuuu, is it time for retirement yet?

    Thanks for stopping by to see my purdy flowers! I’m glad you enjoyed them!!

    colleen said:

    Love that phone. Do you collect antiques or are you that old? Just kidding. Mine are posted.

    Cindi said:

    I love photo TT’s. Excellent list.


    My TT are up and running

    Kasia said:

    The phone! It is perfect! And the tea kettle! I’ve been hunting for something like that for months!

    Mandy said:

    Hey Mrs Lifecruiser, great collection of old things, are you sure that shouldn’t have read ‘hole things’ like that sock there? lol

    I’m going to take a guess at number 6, it’s a cheese slicer?

    Mandy :)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanx every one for all the nice answers.

    Leanne: No, it’s not time for retirement yet, it’s in it’s best shape now *lol*

    Colleen: we’re feeling that old ;-)

    The answer to what #6 is:
    A meat mincer.

    I must say I’m surprised that no one emailed us to hear our confessions…

    Trinity13 said:

    Oh I love #8, your old camera…very cool! What a neat collection!!!

    froggie mama said:

    Awesome collection! You have some very interesting items there! I love the old camera! Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by my pad! :)

    Trasherati said:

    Fantastic items – I truly covet the telephone! Thank you for sharing.

    mrhaney said:

    you have a lot of interesting things there. i should take some photos of all the things we have in our house. most of them belong to my wife though and i could not explain what they are. she could though and thats all that matters.

    sisiggy said:

    Love, love, love old candy boxes!

    You’re going to tell us what the thing is (#6), right? You can’t leave us in suspense…

    Melli said:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE your 13 this week! My husband and I collect many antiques too! I adore your copper tea kettle — and that fact that it came down through the family makes it that much better!

    Thanks for stopping by mine yesterday!

    Barbara said:

    You have a lot of old things, thanks for sharing them.

    wolfbernz said:

    What a great TT. Nice Pictures
    I like #7 I have horses here on the farm.

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