The Easter Egg Hidden secrets in softweird’s like us:

1. Decorated eggs are much older than Easter, and both eggs and rabbits are age-old fertility symbols. – So I guess that is a pointer what we’ll be doing this Easter holiday ;-)

2. Easter Bunny leaves baskets of treats (including Easter eggs and assorted chocolates and candy) on Easter morning for good children. Sometimes children leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny. – I’m gonna be the bunny with the basket with treats to Mr Lifecruiser, but this bunny want’s no carrot…

3. No Jelly Eggs here, don’t like them! I crave for licorice!

4. Easter tradition is to eat a lot of eggs, so there will naturally be a lot of rotten egg smelling farts here, as you already may have figured out. *lol*

5. We may forget totally about this whole Easter thing, you never know with us, since we are suffering from a very severe dementia (or maybe Altzheimers) both of us.

Lifecruisers eggmooning

6. Maundy Thursday Swedish children dress up as little Easter witches and knock on doors to wish people a happy Easter with home-made Easter cards, usually getting some small sweets in return. We’re planning to do something too, butt in another shape.

Do you think we’ll get some sweets….?

7. There will be no yellow chick’s here. Except one. And that’s not me!

8. It can be a certain risk of sounding like a hen and roaster in the mornings here in Easter, but what the heck, it’s no big difference – we don’t understand what the other one says other mornings either! It’s very practical, we’re talking about totally different things and manage to answer each other and no one understands a thing. Usually we end up giggling, this time we may end up cackle or clucking.

9. Or maybe I will just be brooding in my nest all the holiday…

10. In this house the feather decorations is used to something else. Guess what…?

11. No sunday Mass in the morning and no Easter party in the evening. Except for a little one by ourselves… And there will be no rolling of eggs involved then.

12. If there is one, we gonna be in the eggheaven.

13. Puss i PÃ¥sk ;-)

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34 Comments on “Thursday Thirteen Easter Eggs”

    carmen said:

    That animated gif of the “mooner” cracked me up. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

    My list is up

    Wystful1 said:

    Love the Easter Flasher!! What a hoot!:lol:

    My T T is up

    Denise said:

    OMG! You made me spit coffee on my screen when I read #4.

    My 13 are up!

    Sonya said:

    I like the funny man mooning. LOL! Great Easter T13.

    Tracy L said:

    I want to have YOUR easter weekend!!! :twisted:

    colleen said:

    Hi! I was here yesterday via Leslie at Squirrel Spur…reading your A-Z and having a good fun laugh. I’m surprised to find myself here again…thirteening! Mine are posted too.

    tnchick said:

    I so hate licorice…. so you can have all the black jelly beans, OK? Your entries always make me giggle :)

    Leesa said:

    Great list..very interesting!

    Jessika said:

    I love the animation.

    Ocean Lady said:

    I really like #8 and I wonder what #13 says…
    You can have any licorice if it crosses my path. :smile:

    Dariana said:

    All I remember is you mentioned you love licorice, lol. Ewwwwwwwww! Have a bright and blessed Easter and a Happy TT!

    susan said:

    egghaven indeed…hahaha I love that animation!

    keb said:

    Delicious list! I loved it! Thanks for the visit earlier.

    Jane said:

    Very interesting list. I learned something new and that is always good. :grin:
    Thanks for stopping by my T13. You are always welcome.

    Karin said:

    Have a lovely Easter! I hope you get lots of licorice ;) Thanks for stopping by :)

    Kelly said:

    What a great Easter T13!

    Ames said:

    :lol: :lol::lol: @ Your NUMBER 8


    Feathers said:

    Thanks for the reminder – I will not be letting my hubby eat a lot of eggs Sunday, or I will pay for it on Monday :)

    Lyndsay said:

    :mrgreen: Great list!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT !

    Lazy Daisy said:

    Very interesting list. Definitely learned some new things. My TT is up too.

    Undercover Angel said:

    Great TT. My TT is up.

    astrocoz said:

    Have a great Easter! It sounds like you celebrate much like us, except for the kids dressing up and asking for candy. That actually sounds like our Halloween that is in October. Totally cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Norma said:

    Happy Easter. Thanks for visiting my TT. I’m off to check out some of your other entries.

    Pam said:

    Have a great Easter weekend! Eggs and all! :-)

    Lauren said:


    Funny gif!

    Tanya said:

    Great list. I feel better knowing that there is a reason for the Easter bunny and the eggs – never seemed to make much sense to me, but now it does.

    Have a great Easter.

    Barbara said:

    Great list! Thanks for visiting my T13 today. Come on back for the Blog Olympics Training Camp this Saturday! It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s fun!

    Mandy said:

    Easter butts hmmm, first time I’ve seen a flasher at easter lol

    Happy Easter to the Lifecruisers! :)

    walker said:

    Great List. I have Easter one week later and it will be big as usual too. My mother is all ready to start the coloring. ;Yeah Yeah and alot of farting after LOL

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks to all of you for all nice answers :-)

    The “egg-butts” obviously were a success…

    I’m surprised though that no one asked what we’re using the feathers for – I guess all of you are doing the same then…?! *lol*

    And I must add, when it comes to the licorice, I’m not surprised you dont like it, because you probably haven’t tasted SWEDISH SALT licorice -it’s the only licorice that will do, OK, maybe Danish salmiak too. Because our licorice is oustanding. I have tasted licorice in some other countries (U.S too) and it’s not comparable to our.

    In fact: I didn’t even like it at all!

    Scouser said:

    Have a happy easter. Thank you for visiting my T13

    Shelli said:

    The mooning and the eggfarts made me smile this morning. Thanks. Thank you for coming by my 13.

    Barb said:

    I sure hope that easter dye used for the bootie was a cold water dye. :wink:

    Thx for visiting my blog!!

    Leanne said:

    Mmmm Licorice. I like the black jellybeans, too!

    Hope you made some noise this morning! ;) Sorry I’m late, and thank you for stopping over to see me!

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