Out on a walk in the forests of Norway, you’ll never know what you could see – I mean Norway is after all famous for their trolls. At least I spotted them three times – or even more…

Norwegian tree troll in sky

I’m glad that it wasn’t in the evening when it was darker, that could perhaps have been a bit scary, or what do you say?`*giggles*

Norwegian tree troll legs

I have only one thing to say about the one above: what is that thing she has growing between her legs…? *giggles*

Norwegian treehugger troll

I’ve heard about treehuggers hanging around before, but never in this kind of way…. *giggles*

Is it me having too much imagination? I even thought I saw an owl in a nest in this photo down below! Please tell me you see it too!

Norwegian tree trolls owl nest

The truth: Did we really meet any trolls at all while in Norway? Well, you’ll have to find out by yourself by coming here later, haven’t you….?

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8 Comments on “Three Trees in Norway”

    DianeCA said:

    I am pretty sure we met at least a couple trolls hehehe! Very interesting photos, you have a delightful imagination and a great eye for detail. The trolls are there if you are looking for them you know. But if you don’t believe…well you can’t see them. But they can still play tricks on you!

    Gattina said:

    These pictures are absolutely great !! I wished I could have seen them too ! I love to discover strange figures in trees or in white fluffy clouds !
    Are you slowly getting used to routine life and the laundry is clean and in the wardrobes ?

    Victoria said:

    They look prehistoric, but very amazing tree’s.


    You really have an eye for mysterious details and of course you’re photos proves: If you really are looking for real Trolls – you’ve come to the right place when going into the Norwegian Woods :-)

    PS: You’rs as well of all the other OsloBG posts I’ve found so fare, is listed at the Guest List site. I will collect them in a Hall of Fame post later on.

    TorAa said:

    Who in the world would believe this is real?
    And even from the Kings Forest;-)

    Excellent photos

    Zaki said:

    Nice trees. I wonder what influenced their growth to make such forms? Possibly the nature also likes the arts and creates its masterpieces with trees)))


    [...] When you start to see them, the others comes forward too… I keep seeing trolls everywhere, last time was on a walk (with TorAa, Claudie and Pierre) last year: Three trees in Norway. [...]


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