Thirteen ashamed blushing facts

1. Last Sunday we were feeling stressed about the fact that “my Mom’s 80th birthday is coming up on wednesday and we still hadn’t get her anything”.

2. She already have everything or we can’t find it or her condition don’t let her have it - her body is literally falling apart worned out and her sight is bad you see. What to buy? Pheeew.

3. Monday we went out looking everywhere for anything she might want. We found nothing appropriate for this occasion. Only thing we found were the body lotion & shower creme she always has liked. That is not quite what you want for her 80th’s birthday!!!

4. Tuesday we’ve come down to maybe buying some flowers too. We were even discussing silk flowers…but there wasn’t any good enough, suitable for her new home.

5. Then hunting for really beautiful flower arrangements which is more practical since you don’t need to have a vase yourself, it comes in a basket or something else. And she can feel the smell from the flowers. Which there weren’t any either. Very boring ones.

6. Coming home feeling exhausted after two afternoons with this struggle for my back, in heavy rain weather on the top - without anything, not even sugarfree chocolate. Planning to go up early next morning for continued hunt before the birthday party.

7. Talking with Miss Ass. Lifecruiser on the phone in Tuesday evening - and I don’t even know about what (!) - and suddenly I realize that I’m a week wrong!

8. My Mom’s birthday is on wednesday alright, but the first of November, which I tought was this (now past) Wednesday… *ROFLMAO x millions*

9. And Mr Lifecruiser had the exact same blackout, he didn’t notice it either… We were this close to getting there one week early…

10. It seems like we don’t even have a full brain together after all. Miss Ass. Lifecruiser was right all the time when she said we hadn’t.

11. Last years Mother’s day we went there to congratulate her one week early too….. (My Mom tought that was very funny, that someone else beside her were having memory leaks).

12. We’ve been one day early to a doctor’s appointment this spring too. One could think that we should learn something….

13. I’ve to repeat the Brain Wanted Ad of mine.


I did NOT miss my Mom’s birthday, I knew her birthday was on the 1st of November and that it was on wednesday - I just were a week wrong! It can happen to anyone! No?

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Comments on Thirteen ashamed blushing facts

  • 1

    At least you weren’t a week late, ha,ha. Or even worse.
    My sister has been almost a year late on birthday gifts twice now..

    Lifecruiser: A year???? that’s sounds very comforting, then we have a lot of margins…. *lol*

  • 2
    Josh UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve never done that with someone’s b-day, but I have done it with other ‘appointment’ like things. I’ve also showed up at places on the wrong days due to being confused about what day it was (i.e., showing up at school on a Saturday)…

    Lifecruiser: Hm… For me, that NEVER EVER happened earlier, not a chance. This is something that has accelerated the last years, so i guess it takes some time to adjust to! *S*

  • 3
    Chana CANADA said:

    oh my this is kinda funny. and to be perfectly honest it is the sort of thing that i do all the it just in stride and have a laugh..there is nothing wrong with either of you, it’s just a funny thing in life..

    for the people that have everything, flowers are great, they smell good and look gorgeous..real ones are a good touch..and personal things are precious. she is older so maybe a beautiful throw/blanket..her favorite color to keep her cozy and cuddled..or a beautiful silver antique like brush like they must have used in her early days..or a picture in a beautiful frame…the personal touch overides anything else i say, specially when you don’t need anything…but her creams like you said if they are her favorite is a favbulous idea..

    Lifecruiser: We have laughed a lot - and so even Miss Ass. Lifecruiser and her daughter - so I guess it came out some good of it hah? *lol*

    Blanket is a good suggestion, but she already got two. Picture she have a lot of and can’t really see with her bad sight. The brush is a good idea, but probably hard to find over here in this short of time. We will hunt for special sugarfree chocolate pieces though. It’s a sort I’ve bought before for her, at a café that makes them for people with diabetes (she don’t - just have to watch the sugarlevels), with different kind of fillings. They are good enough for us to eat too.

  • 4
    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    We were probably talking about poo and shit and other important things as usually..*lol*…

    Nothing wrong with your brain.. or .. at least what’s left of it !!!! It sure gives us a good laugh now and then..:) what worries me a bit is that it seem to be infectious…………………….

    Lifecruiser: Probably? *ROFLMAO* I have to agree with that, the few cells left is working overtime like hell…. and yes, it’s a bit infectious as it seems, so maybe I should wear big warning signs….?

  • 5

    Well, at least you have more time to think about a birthday present now :)
    The thing my grandmother loved on her birthday was if we took her out to dinner with the whole family. She said it wasn’t her birthday if she needed to clean dishes etc. :)
    Good luck and thanks for visiting my TT!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. Yes, that’s true, luckily :-) We’ve done that before, taken her out for dinner, unfortunately that is not an option any more, since she won’t make it because of her fragile condition.

  • 6
    Caylynn GERMANY said:

    Too funny! :mrgreen: But better to be early than late!

    Good luck finding a birthday present.

    Have a good day. :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, you too! Yes, I suppose this at least was the best alternative ;-)

  • 7
    amy UNITED STATES said:

    I can totally see how that is stressful! MIne is up!

    Lifecruiser: Yessssss….. *lol*

  • 8
    Addie said:

    I had to go back to the beginning of the post to check your mom’s age again -maybe you should swap brains with your mom… forgetfulness is usually sing of old age . . .ha ha ha thanks for sharing it. It was rather funny.

    I also have a TT up this week ;-)

    Lifecruiser: I have to see the humor in it, even though it is embarassing.. Hm…well, I don’t think that is such good idea since hers is even worse, because of several smaller blood clots….

  • 9

    So are you admitting this to your Mum? Or as I am want to do in such blushing moments … just shut-up! :oops:

    Lifecruiser: I’m not sure yet… It depends on her mood today, if she need some laughs I’ll have to tell her about it… *lol*

  • 10

    Early is better than a week late. My mom turns 80 in January and my sisters are already planning a big to do.

    Early just means that she is always on your mind. Which is actually really sweet. She would be flattered to know you care so much.

    I’m sure you only look cuter when you blush!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I must see it like that - I was too concerned :-) I actually told her about it today, so we had an extra good laugh about it! She said that we could celebrate it twice without any problem for her *lol*

  • 11
    carmen UNITED STATES said:

    better to err on the side of early, I’d say. :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I guess so :-)

  • 12
    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    You are so funny! My hubby would call that a brain fart! LOL What a wonderful way to admit your blushing! Now you can take a big breath and spend more time on a gift! Maybe something that plays soothing music like those aroma music players! When my grandmother reached her 90’s she seemed happy just to have us there! Don’t sweat it too much you will come up with the perfect gift in time!!

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha brain fart it is, I like that :-) That idea with the music is a really good one - except that we bought her a CD player on her last birthday and CD’s on Mothers day….. It’s a blessing to her, one of the best things we could have got her.

  • 13
    colleen UNITED STATES said:

    One year my dad was all bummed out because he was turning 80. Then my brother told him, “dad, you’re only 79″ and it was like my dad had a new lease on life! I have a dear friend about to turn 80. At that age you don’t want to collect more stuff. It’s hard to know what to get…flowers, soap, things you can eat and make disappear?

    Mine are in the fast lane.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that’s exactly how I felt too :-) You’re so right about that, nothing more to collect…..

  • 14
    MamaDuck UNITED STATES said:

    I think better to be a week early than late, I’m always forgetting birthdays. In fact, I think a few are coming up next week, ack!!

    Lifecruiser: For me, that is really extra ordinary strange, because I NEVER forget birthdays normally. Before I got old and demented ;-)

  • 15
    ali CANADA said:

    i’ve shown up many times on the wrong day for dr.s appointments. so embarrassing!

    Lifecruiser: Wow, so you’re almost an expert on this then? *lol*

  • 16
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Take her out to dinner, Surprise her with a cake, maybe a special friend and some flowers. Trust me, she will be pleased as punch!

    Lifecruiser: If we only could, but she is too fragile, her condition don’t allow to take her out for dinner, we’re eating a smörgÃ¥s cake instead, as she has problem to eat too and her firends, well, they’re all gone….

  • 17

    How funny! Don’t worry, that almost sounds like something I would do.. I am still in my twenties. But I am always doing crazy things myself. At least you remembered her birthday, even if you were a little bit early!

    Lifecruiser: Ooooh, you have a long way to go yet then… At least we have the age to blame ;-)

  • 18

    :lol:I luv the post! Tell MoM I said Happy Birthday-and many more.
    I would join with U, but right noow, I hardly have time to visit all of my friends as it is…..:oops::roll::lol:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks in advance Starbender, that’s nice of you - I most certainly will do that :-)

  • 19
    Geggie UNITED STATES said:

    Better to be a week early than a week late!!

    Lifecruiser: Don’t say such scary things!!! *lol*

  • 20
    Janet UNITED STATES said:

    “Miss Ass. Lifecruiser”??? UM…ROFLMAO! ok, i’m bad, sorry…hahahha!

    Hey, better early than late, and better late than never!

    Lifecruiser: No need to paologize, we had as much fun as you when we created her nickname! *LMAO*

  • 21
    Christine UNITED STATES said:

    I can say I did the same things like that this week. The kids were sick and I had more than a few sleepless nights. Happy Birthday to your MOM! Artificial flowers sound like a lovely present, one that would last and give her a smile everyday!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we’ll see what we can find… We’were thinking of going out this weekend to hunt for something too, but that might not be possible since there is a very bad storm on it’s way here….

  • 22
    Tracie UNITED STATES said:

    At least you seem to think things are earlier instead of later!!

    My husband always thinks that my birthday is one day before it is….makes him stress one day earlier over what to get me!

    Hope your mom has a great birthday!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I guess it’s a good thing if you think about it :-)

  • 23

    I recommend getting post-it notes and sticking them everywhere!! LOL At least it’s better to be early than late! ;)

    Happy Thursday!

    Lifecruiser: Or a more visible calendar where you have to upll away every day…? *lol*

  • 24
    mar SPAIN said:

    You are so sweet!!! I was a day early this week for my doc’s appointment but it wasn’t my fault, I swear! :roll:

    Lifecruiser: Of course it wasn’t your fault!!!! *lol*

  • 25

    Thirteen toddler/ducky dance tunes…….

    The beloved ducky gets to dance around a lot with Lil’ Duck - here are 13 of their favorite songs for bouncing around:

    “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” - Hampton the Hampster
    “The HamsterDance Song” - also Hampton the…

  • 26

    My mom sends out birthday cards the beginning of each month, so you can never tell if she forgets the exact date or not. Great post. Love the pic!

    Rescue dogs can be great if you are willing to deal with the baggage they come with.

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha, that was an unusal touch of congratulating people, I like that :-)

    Yes, that’s so true about the rescue dogs. And they’re so grateful and lojal to you, almost more than a “normal” dog.

  • 27
    Norma UNITED STATES said:

    Whenever it is, I hope you find just the right gift. I know she’ll be pleased with anything, but you need to be pleased too. My mom lived to 88. She was a blessing to the end.

    Thanks for visiting my TT. If we were closer I’d just give you the books.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that’s true, the giver has to be pleased too :-) Thanks Norma, it’s the thought that counts!

  • 28
    Chelle UNITED STATES said:

    Every time I see that picture of the lady on the toliet, I want to laugh. So….crazy! :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, but she is wonderful, isn’t she? *lol*

  • 29

    Too funny! so good that you were late in the right direction!

    i have a T13 up this week - but I am a little late!

    Lifecruiser: Phew, yes that wasa good thing Janice :-) OK, I’ll pop over and have a look at yours.

  • 30
    Sandy UNITED STATES said:

    No TT for me this week with the grandkids here but I have been posting all week..WHEW!! As for your TT at least you were not late!! That is what I would be thankful for!! I hate to be LATE!! Now you have a little bit more time and can think more about it!! Sandy

    Lifecruiser: I will not even THINK that thought that I could have been late…. *horror*

  • 31
    Andrea UNITED STATES said:

    I know how you feel with the presents. My gran is 99 and trying to find something to give her is next to impossible.

    Great TT. Mine are up :)

    Lifecruiser: Phew. The thought of 19 more years of birthday hunts just overwhelmed me…. Nah, she isn’t difficult or demanding, but it’s just because she isn’t that I want to get her something really nice :-)

  • 32
    skittles UNITED STATES said:

    At least you remembered! I always forget my MOMs birthday. My DAD, I never forget his. It is Nov 15. I think he will be 78. I ain’t good at remembering. It took me 2 tries to remember I was turning 33 this year. LOL

    Great TT!!! :) Now what about a rubber duck? LOL

    Lifecruiser: Oh, you sounds worse than I, at least I remember how old I’m…. sometimes… *lol* You have to come back to understand the part of the rubber duck :-) (Next post)

  • 33

    Very funny! Well you just gave yourself more time to figure out a great gift.

    Lifecruiser: Well, I do hope so, this weather doesn’t look promising, we may have to stay inside for a couple of days at least now….

  • 34
    s@m CANADA said:

    Oh, that’s funny!!! I seem to always forget what day it is, but not a whole week off!

    Great list! Happy TT!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, I’m glad to be able to amuse…. *lol*

  • 35
    Tricia CANADA said:

    I’m glad to hear that you didn’t miss your moms birthday and that you still have time to find her something suitable. And anyway- it’s much better to be early for something like this than late. :)

    As my mom and dad got older it was harder and harder to find suitable presents. What about some music? A tape or CD that she might enjoy or even a DVD set? My parents loved reading so as they aged we’d sometimes get them very nice books, but you said your moms sight is not good so she might not be able to enjoy a good book (you could get a taped one though). Good TT.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for the comfort and tip’s :-) CD-player last year, music CD’s on mothers day. No reading, no watching DVD’s sadly enough. And tapes are difficult too, not the right kind of books for her.

  • 36
    Danielle UNITED STATES said:


    And if you’re anything like me, you’ll still wait til the last minute to get the gift…even with an extra week!! :lol:

    I’m 32 and have trouble remembering why I came in a room–I blame it on the kids, not that I’m getting old

    Lifecruiser: Well, hm, yes, that sounds possible… *lol*

  • 37
    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    ROFL! Ahhhhhhhh…. I am for want of a brain also! I think your mom might have LIKED it if you showed up a week early! Then she would get to celebrate her 80th birthday TWICE!!! (and you would have to shop AGAIN!)

    Lifecruiser: She did have a very very good laugh when I told her :-) And she said something like that actually!

  • 38
    K T Cat UNITED STATES said:

    How about music? Live music. A party with her friends or family and a string quartet or bluegrass band or something else she likes.

    My TT is up.

    Lifecruiser: That would be a good idea, except for the fact that we’re staying at her place at the elderly home and they won’t allow it. But Mr Lifecruiser is playing the piano for her, as he does most often :-)

  • 39
    Anne AUSTRALIA said:

    I have these moments, too. They are alot more common of late…
    Thanks for visiting my TT

    Lifecruiser: Oh, that’s not good… Suddenly I’m glad over mine ;-)

  • 40
    kailani UNITED STATES said:

    It’s better than completely forgetting altogether!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I guess I most see it in that way, but it’s still embarrassing….

  • 41
    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    I remember one year that my dad got really hurt that none of us (his kids) came by or called to wish him a happy birthday until momma told him that his birthday was the following week…and of course, we all remembered. *s*

    Lifecruiser: He he… Oh, how embarrassing for him…. *lol*

  • 42

    I would thinking being a week early is better than being a week late :grin:. In my family I’m off the hook since we aren’t very big on remembering each other–it is a hit or miss.

    Lifecruiser: We’re not making so big fuss about it normally, but even years and every tenth is important.

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