When taking the ferry over to Fårösund one day, we saw a beautiful wooden ship anchored at the harbor there.

Wooden ship Valborg from Helsinki at Fåsösund, Gotland, Sweden

Her name is Valborg, a 36 meters two-masted wooden galleass. She is from Helsinki, Finland, built in Porvoo, Finland 1948.

Today the ships purpose is sail training and teaching ship building skills, participating in Tall Ship’s Race and other events as well as offering charter trips.

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3 Comments on “The Wooden Ship Valborg”

    DianeCA said:

    Norway has a high mast sailing ship similar to this with the same purpose, Christian Radich. Valborg is a real beauty. I love these old ships, they don’t make them with that craftmanship anymore. We were lucky enough to sail on Christain Radich on Oslo fjord two times. It was a wonderful experience. Hope you are enjoying your summer my friend!! We think a lot of you when romping around Sweden you know!

    TorAa said:

    Classic beauty of a ship it is

    claudie said:

    Oh! The marvelous finnish ships! I share with Kalle and Anaïs!

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