They say that the Vikings had a saying like this:

“Those who know nothing but their home are stupid”.

Now, I may not take it that far, but to conquer the world doesn’t sound that bad to me today. After all it’s Monday, it should be ’nuff said.

But just to add some juicy stuff to that ’nuff, I throw in a late night and too early morning, resulting in a dentist torture of me (I got a cancelled appointment) and a little nice surprise nauseous for Mr Lifecruiser.

Good (?) thing though is that the dentist agreed with me to go on the cheaper (?) filling with plastic instead of porcelain, but it still cost me 750 SEK ($107) for just one tooth filling.

On top of that we have lost the warmth weather. It has been snowing and it’s cold. They say that it’s going to continue and even become colder. I don’t like snow and to slip around which makes my back worse. Or to dress in skipants with suspenders looking like a 5 year old kid going out to ride a sledge. At least not when I’m not allowed to ride’m!!! It’s not fair.

Or wear woolen clothes that itch. Or freezing my butt off.

I had ’nuff of it, I’ve been living in Sweden all my life.

So I’m seriously thinking of doing like the Vikings. Well, not the plunderings (hm…) or rapings (sorry guys ;-) , but the cruising. After all, being born up here in the north must mean that I have some Viking blood in me, right?

Now, I’m just wandering, do I need an icebreaker to make it out of here or would it be sufficient with a nice little Cruise ship? I think I’ll skip the authentic Viking ship, there is no time to build one now…

We’re seriously thinking of booking a 24h cruise to the island Ã…land, just to get going with the feeling and sort of put the Viking blood in surging. And we’re not going alone either, we’re taking a bunch of other savages Viking friends with us. Our best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser among others and then you understand the caliber of this gang…

I’m not telling you the date yet, so you won’t be able to send out alerts! I’m not stupid, I’ve Viking blood in me remember…

I do have one other problem though. It can be windy. I get seasick. Remember how it went last time when we cruised to Helsinki, Finland? When I had that romantic night in the cabin…. toilet… One time is quite ’nuff.

I don’t like to showel up seasickness pills in my butt either.

You see, no matter how I turn, my butt is still back there.

How do Vikings send secret messages?
- Norse code.

So I must send a SOS message to get me OUT OF HERE….!!!!!

NOTE: Not even those flames or the heavy Love making here can hold us ’nuff warm…

6 Comments on “The Vikings were not stupid”

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    If it can comfort you, the dentist price for that is the same here too. So we both went to the doctor, you on one end up me on the other end down (gynecologist) and for that I had to pay 50 € and it’s not finished now follows the blood test and mammography. it’s the yearly old timer check up. My gyneco is a swedish woman married to a belgian and we know each other since 15 years. Today I spoke about you and our blogging together and she found that very interesting. Her family lives near Stockholm. That’s why there are always so many scandinavian magazines in her cabinet. All scandinavian women of Waterloo are coming to her.
    In Italy they always called my Vikinga, apparently we have the same ancestors. Wow, they look impressif.
    Nice idea to make a cruise ! Go ahead !

    Lifecruiser: Can I come too? *lol* I need that Gyn doc badly. I have to wait way too long for my appointment there… So you talked about me already? Maybe I should have sent you the details of my problems and I didn’t even have to go to any one else… ha ha ha…

    Vikinga, that was a very good name! Maybe I’ll continue to call you that from now on…. Hey – maybe you should take that as your new blog name!

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Well, ice pick or ship, just please TAAAAAAKE MEEEEE WITH YOUUUUUUU! I want OUT too! And we have only just had winter arrive! 3 or 4 days of cold and I am ready to be DONE!!! DONE I say! I have a big pot of split pea soup cooking on the stove… and I’m going to light a fire and close the curtains and PRETEND it’s NOT cold outside! LOL!

    And by the way… I think it’s a GREAT day for world conquering!

    Lifecruiser: Well, it looks like maybe we have to build a Noah’s arc then huh? *lol*


    Well, I’ll tellya…plain and simple….if it were up to me and my druthers, I just as soon freeze my butt off than wear woolen stuff!! Hey, I can afford a frozen butt….at least freeze off the fatty parts!!!!

    It’s colder than a well-diggers arse here and it’s supposed to be close to tropics? I don’t think so….I wanna move to warmer climes….like Hawai’i and have a bit of warm sun along with my margarita!!!!

    As to dental work being done….around here a Dentist is a FOUR LETTER WORD.

    Lifecruiser: He he he… for that four letter word. Well, you just have to come here and warm up at our fire huh? *lol*

    Norma UNITED STATES said:

    Your dental care sounds pretty reasonable to me–you just want that money for cruising! Maybe you could rent a DVD and pop some popcorn and pretend?

    My MM is up.

    Lifecruiser: Well, it may be reasonable if we hadn’t payed all those sky high taxes which should give us sheaper care but it doesn’t.. That’s what we whine about.

    Ever heard of Vikings looking at a DVD? *LMAO* And I don’t want to see Pirates of Caribbean, that’s not my type of movie…


    You know, I have not been to the dentist for a long time (like 5 years already!). :eek: Oh, you guys aren’t using Euros, huh?

    Anyway, the trip sounds fantastic, especially since you’re going with your friends. I remember having to wear a woolen undershirt while in Taiwan, and it gives slight iches to my chest and torso.

    I can’t stand cold too; I can’t even stand temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius! :lol: HAhahaha, I like your note at the end of your blog post! So it’s that cold, huh? Brrrrr…

    I thought pills are swallowed, not to be shoved up your butt? :smile: HAHAHHA!! :lol:

    Lifecruiser: 5 years… It’s defenitely time for you to get tortured then! Nope, no Euros over here, we said no to the Euros last time we had a vote for it. Personally I’m glad for that since everything seems to get more expensive when changing to it. I think it’s enough as it is already. Well, the “backdoor” alternative is used when throwing up all the time so you can’t get down anything…. *lol*


    Since I’m Chinese, perhaps I should take a cruise in a Junk. Not sure if it will make it that far north. Then again, I could stay here in NW USA with our relatively mild winters…OK, I’ll stay here.

    Lifecruiser: Somehow, I would also make the same decision as you :-D

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