I think I’ve become an ugly, dirty and unattractive poker widow.

The other day Mr Lifecruiser missed a very crucial thing. This looks very serious for our continued marriage. He was playing poker online out on the internet at the time of the crime.

We were talking about something obviously very important (and intelligent for sure) and I sort of wanted to make my point a little bit stronger, draw a b o t t o m line… So I did one of my favourite things: down with the pants and did the mooning. Waiting for the nice reaction of this normally very popular behaviour.

Nada! Nix, not a twinkle, not even a spank on the butt, nothing! What happened??!!! He didn’t even see it, he was so hooked up at the poker game….. At least he claims that it was the fact, but I wonder….?

Now there is this questions that pops up in my mind… Is he seriously ill? Because this have never happened before. Or have I suddenly become so very unattractive? Maybe I should go and scare someone else, just to test it?! The woman flasher…?

Mrs Lifecruiser unattractive poker widow

Hey… This could be really fun!

I could go around and scare a lot of people, in high positions too! I use to be full of energy over new projects, so I would probably pop up just about… everywhere… and all the time! No matter if it were at The Swedish Royal Castle or whatever. Mooning The Swedish king, what an honour!

I wonder how long it will take before they come to take me away? And where are they taking me? Can I go to jail for that or will they send me to get some mental care….?

I can se the headlines… *censorship-warnings* Wow, I will be famous!!!!!

Nahh, not my thing, I do NOT want to be famous. And it is very cold outside…

Maybe I have to take that shower after all…?

4 Comments on “The mooning poker widow”

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    That story sounds like a bit of a crack!

    ‘poker’ did he? (poke her, sorry, being rude again!)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Mr Lifecruiser:
    Aahh, that could be a marriage saver, yes, that was what I did, of course!

    Mrs Lifecruiser:
    Poking me
    Joking me
    Do I suppose to know the difference?
    Shoking me… after this comment ;-)

    Happy and Blue said:

    :grin: Maybe if you drew a face on your butt. Just to provide a change of pace..

    Lifecruiser said:

    Mrs Lifecruiser excited: Ahh, excellent idea…. I think? (A lot of pictures fly around in my mind here)

    Whispering: I hope I do not blow him away…


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