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Why is it that every time that I think that we’re going to get ready with the cleaning of the kitchen cupboards, something else comes in between? Yes, you guessed right, that is one tackle that didn’t get done this time. Butt it will until next Tuesday. At least I think so…. *lol*

The most heavy tackles this week had been the shopping for my shoes. Phew! We’ve been out seeing all shoes in the whole town, so it seems like at least! I finally found a pair that’s possible to go with the golden dress, but maybe not my optimal choice.

Lifecruisers new shoes

They could have been a bit more narrow too, so I hope that they won’t stretch too much so they get too big! The brand is Gabor – seems to be from Germany. They’re very comfortable, built up in the sole on the inside and all to please my feet ;-)

I will continue to look out for shoes for a while I suspect. All the summer shoes hasn’t got out in the stores yet and I want to see them too!

One of Mr Lifecruiser tackles was to play Poker tournaments and win something and he did: a pre-showing of a new Swedish movie, which we went to the city to see yesterday evening. First some strolling around, then dinner and then the movie “Gangster”.

It was fun being able to watch it as a pre-showing, but actually I didn’t like it very much, so it was a good thing we hadn’t paid for the tickets!

We managed to go to the shoe-maker today with 8 (!) pair of our shoes, to heel and some of them to put on new soles, there were only bare leather and that’s not any good if it’s wet on the ground. No good idea to destroy the shoes only because there is no better sole!

I confirmed my own feeling of loosing some weight, 2 kg (4,4 lbs) is gone since I did weigh myself last time (that was a while ago) and that’s about it. I have no problem with the dress anymore – now I just have to maintain this.

Now I just to shape it up further (for the bikini later) and that I have been doing! I’m right on track, very determed to get result, so this won’t be any problem unless my back decides to not back me up on this!

Oh, don’t even mention the word bikini…. I’ll soon get really desperate. It looks like I’ll have to be naked at the beach this summer!!!! Not a single one fits my tits. Well, maybe one, but it looked like one that should be on an very old lady…. I’m not that old yet.

We also bought new pillows for our bed. Twice. *giggles* The first ones was a risky buy since it were a kind we haven’t had before. Very weird ones, felt like it were rice in them but it was supposed to be polyester fibers to support your neck. It didn’t – at least not the way our necks wanted it to be….

It was like they were stuffed too much. So we bought some others instead, still with polyester fibers in it, but similar to the ones we have had before and like. These new ones work, so we don’t have to buy pillows three times ;-) .

We did put out a sales ad on the other ones, butt we have no big hope of getting it sold.

Oh, I almost forgot the first tackle I had to do: cleaning the deskdrawers. (Before and After pictures at the same row)

Lifecruisers deskdrawers 1  Lifecruisers deskdrawers 2
Lifecruisers deskdrawers 3  Lifecruisers deskdrawers 4
Lifecruisers deskdrawers 5  Lifecruisers deskdrawers 6

There was a lot to throw away in there! Actually there isn’t much left in the drawers after this….

So, now on to the kitchen cupboards!!!!

Captain TITS Lifecruiser

Reminder rest TITS:

- Clean writing desk drawers: started
- Clean kitchen cupboards:- started
- Porcelain boxes (will follow the cupboards cleaning)
- Get rid off my TITS before summer: maintain
- Buy shoes for the wedding: on going
- Clean bathroom – part 1 done
- Basement storage – part 1 done
- Sales ads – Total of 14 done
- Buy a new digital camera
- Buy a new bikini

See the latest post and Tackle It Tuesday participants over at 5 minutes for mom.

Lifecruiser lifering

Current port: Tuesday+Wednesday – A peaceful Savannah, US. Debbie is guiding us :-)

Extra bonus yesterday: The Leura Cascades Walk (Leura, Blue Mountains, Australia)

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5 Comments on “The top of the shop tackle”

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Hello mrs Lifecruiser
    I was in Chaussland today with my daughter! So many beautiful shoes and not expensive! But I want to take my time! and visit the other shops. Felicitation of loosing weight! i have to say that i’m not serious as you are! I will have to take time to translate technocrati informations! i’ve add you! I’d like to create a blog but as you know french people don’t usually speak english since school and i want to keep them! But in the same time I see the blogosphere and I can’t access to it with msn space.
    I will see…

    Lifecruiser: I can understand your dilemma! Think about it. I’d love to see your new blog :-) It would be much fun! And you’ll learn a lot english – I’ve practised my english a lot since I started. It’s really good practise.


    I really like the shoes. They are very cute and from the photos, appear to go nicely with the dress.
    The drawer looks great too. You look like you organized it really well.
    Great job on the 4.4 pounds. I still have 5 to go. Now if I could only stop snacking between meals :oops:

    Laura UNITED STATES said:

    Thanks for adding me to the roll! Well done on you TiTs!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    I really like the Gabor shoes (yes, it´s a German brand. I have a few pairs made by Gabor – very comfy!) They´ll fit perfectly to the gorgeous dress!

    You did a great job on your TITs this week *giggles* – who cares about the cupboards? ÓK, mine are cleaned up – NO fun. I did it last weekend, but I didn´t play TITs today. We´ve been to the doc with Luis today. His so called “U6″ check-up – combined with to inoculations. He always reacts with high fever on those jabs. So there´s been no time to post today.
    Poor little cutie is sleeping right now, so I can jump over to Stockholm =)

    I don´t know why but I wasn´t able to access your comment section yesterday. Of course I will join the Technorati fun as soon as Luis is well again!

    *puss och kram*

    Lifecruiser: so, you’re the second person that’s said to have had problem yesterday – I didn’t notice it myself. Maybe it was the webhost after all, having some kind of problems.

    Well, shit happens :-)

    Oh, I hope the little one is sleeping well and gets well. Poor one.

    *puss o kram – for him too*

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    So you went on shoehunting ! I hate that, shoes bore me, I just buy because I can’t walk without and never look at quality, it fits, they are nice lookeng thats OK for me and when I am fat up I just throw them away.
    You can admire my foot today:grin: with the socks ! It’s a strange feeling and you shouldn’t be in a hurry to put them on ! But you can see they look very, very nice ! I even have a reason not to wear shoes with them !

    Lifecruiser: Oh Gattina, how stunningly beautiful you are in your new socks! *giggles*

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