I’m so excited – the Poo has finally arrived! Yeaaah! I have been waiting so unpatiently…

It’s raging wonderful aka R’acquel that has sent me this amazing gift.

I’ll send her a surprise in return – and no, it will not be anything Poosh, but yet enjoyable.

(I must make her curious, it’s more fun this way… *s*)

I must admit though, that I never thought that I should be soooo excited over a bag with Poo… *LMAO*

The Book of Poo Poostage paid was $1.85 – really fantastic if you think about that this envelope has travelled across the whole world – Australia in the south Poole and Sweden in the north Poole so it’s really on the opPoosite side of the world from each other – and fast too!

Even more fantastic is it that this book of Poo were dumped in our mailbox today of all days – the day when our plumber woke us up at 07.20 in the morning (after a bad night) to tell us that he is coming to fix our toilet that has been on a strike a while – we’ve not made any Poo pile though…

…and I’m not sorry for the vision that gave you!!! *giggles*

But I promise you: that is nothing to what you get from the Book of Poo! I’ll curl up like a pile of Poo and read about all that Poo stuff now – and be prepared of laughing cramps!

Or I may go to the loo to poo first to test the plumbers work, so there will be no accident when laughing too hard…. I’ve always been very foresighted. *lol*

This book actually couldn’t have ended up in more competent hands… Remember: this is the home were your poo’s speed, consistency, color, size and smell always is described in details.

We even have Poo records. No one want to judge though ;-)

I maybe be potty and have a shitty humor on this shitty blog, but I just LOVE this – it’s one of lifes most essentials. In several meanings….

So we’re having an extra shitty Monday over here ;-)

Please feel free to tell us about your shit too!

8 Comments on “The Poo’s arrival – a shitty Monday”

    Claudie FRANCE said:

    I have a story of shit in this moment with my cat!
    Daphnée, my nice cat, ha s a broken paw so she has a plastered paw and can’t go out! as I have two watter closets at home and as Daphnée is very smart she can go to shit today in one WC with a shower and I know she does her shit in the sink! But I must quickly by a cat’s litter! I go there immediatly!

    Lifecruiser: That’s a smart cat yes! I’d have loved the idea if she even flushed afterwards :-)


    We’re definitely going to have to organise honorary guest access to the Newtown Mums Live Chat room for you now because you fit the NM membership profile to a T(oilet) after a post like that one. We have lots of audio farting poo smileys in there (amongst other cheeky sounds). We also have a farting keyboard to play music to each other live via our own assholes. I’m sure you’ll find the experience to be a heavenly gigglefest ;) Interested?

    Like, can you possibly say “no” to such an invitation? *lol*

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha… (AS)SOUNDS like a lot of fun and of course I’m feeling very honored!!!!! OMG! Asshole music playing! We’ve been talking about that, but in another sense…. *giggles*

    You’re as crazy as I’m. How wonderful :-) )))

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Welllllllll now… I could tell you about the day my daughter got her FOOT stuck in the potty! (there was no Poo in there though — just Foot!) That would make a great monday memory — maybe NEXT week!

    Have a Pooey day LC! Sounds like you already are!

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha… nice new (shiny?) shoes :-) ))

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    It was my annual physical at the doctor’s today. I hate those. You get poked and prodded and they always say the same thing, eat less and exercise more!

    Lifecruiser: Yes. The elast they could do was to say that you should make more love ;-)


    My dear Mrs LC, you are so enthralled by all of this $hit I almost would think you were a man!!! ;)

    Hope you enjoy the book. Share the best stuff!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know. I’m very manly that way and I’m very proud of it :-)

    Kylee UNITED STATES said:

    I am cracking up here! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Lifecruiser: As long as it isn’t butt cracking we’re talking about so…. *lol*


    For the sake of keeping records, we had one mother’s 6 month old child who shitted an impressive 15cm poo once. She used a ruler to measure it, of course! =D

    As for my husband, he swears he’s shitted a turd so long that it’s travelled the entire length of the s-bend. I was obviously thrilled when he chose to share that with me.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, of course you were! You hadn’t been a true poower wife if you didn’t!

    Our record is somewhere about 35 cm – no phooto evidence though. *LMAO*

    We ‘ve had several occasions when they haven’t been possible to flush down without splitting the turd…. Don’t even make me tell how to split turds already in the toilet… *ROFLMAO*


    My poo stories are between me and the toilet. And occasionally the plunger. Or the plumber..

    Lifecruiser: So it’s that bad huh, that you don’t dare to tell us? *lol*

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