Can you have Alzheimers in your ears?

In that case we’re suffering from a severe Alzheimers. Recently we heard them say on the TV that a documentary program should cover about the Alzheimers disease, which we really wanted to grasp some information about. (For obvious reasons….)

So we sat down to watch it. Surprise! The program was about something completely different: Nudists!

Now, that wasn’t really what we had in mind, it is quite a different subject from Alzheimers. Though I must admit that I stayed and watched. Getting puzzled WHY this people wanted to go around naked all the time and everywhere. I still don’t have a clue.

I mean, it’s not like we have the warmest climate over here in Sweden, so you don’t exactly get too hot either. The nudists in the program also stated that it wasn’t for sexual reasons. So I still wonder WHY? Are they all exhibitionists? The program didn’t at all clear the reasons for me. I don’t think I’ll go further with this investigation, just state that we really have complicated minds sometimes.

Then again we heard them mention that it would be a program about Alzheimers and thought that we just had picked the wrong day earlier.

So we sat down to learn a bit about Alzheimers. Surprise! The program was about something completely different: Different Pets!

Also that quite different subject from Alzheimers. Though I must admit that I, once again, stayed and watched. Getting puzzled WHY this people wanted to have those strange pets. But this time I have a clue. Made me sad though that it’s needed. There is simply not enough love and human values in our society.

The worst case in the program were a man (not in Sweden) that had a Crocodile as a pet. He kind of had replaced his wife with this crocodile instead. OK, maybe his wife had been worse than the crocodile, what do I know?!

He did everything with the Croc. (Well, I don’t know about THAT, but everything else for sure). They slept together, bath together, watch TV and all sorts of things. To me, he looked lonely though. Had he given up on people? An outsider.

Outsider also is the name of the TV program which we (twice!) heard wrong as the word Alzheimers…. The two words aren’t exactly that alike are they?

This is a very common behaviour of ours too. To hear something completely different than what’s said. No, there is nothing wrong with our hearing, just the connections in the brain. Especially in the mornings, you should hear our breakfast conversations!

We get to see programs though that we never would have, I admit that…

Either we are the real outsiders or we’re cases of Alzheimers. Or maybe both?

5 Comments on “The Outsiders Alzheimers”

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    Now this is a tad bit off but the Hubbs tuned in because he thought they were talking about something and it turned out to be something else…I think that they advertise one thing and play another…But then again…the hubbs is hard of hearing in one ear… The side that faces me at night…hmh?

    Lifecruiser: There is two alternatives: 1) Changing sides so that he can hear you alright. 2) Let it be because it’s much more fun and interesting when you don’t have any idea of he hear the right things… Maybe you could get very interesting answers!!! *lol*

    Kasia POLAND said:

    What a funny story! I laughed and giggled crazily while reading it. LOL
    Nudists - I don’t get them either. Strange pets ? hm.. I am ok with iguanas and hedgehogs, but scorpions, tarantulas and snakes are too disgusting and too dangeorus too keep them at home. And a pet crocodile is way beyond my possibilities of understanding. ??? LOL

    Lifecruiser: Good! That’s mostly what we do ourselves when this occurs too, giggle like maniacs :-) Well, at least we have fun… *lol*

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Sometimes it’s interesting to watch a program you didn’t expect. Sleeping with a crocodile must be quite cold and not very comfortable. I’ve seen one sleeping with a snake, that wasn’t better. I prefer to have my cats in my bed at least that’s soft and warm ! I also saw a program about a nudist camp and really found that disgusting. I am not prude, but to much is to much. Playing badminton, ping pong or football nacked looks really funny with bouncing bellies and the unspeakable. And the women with their boobs hanging till the belly bottom going shopping or running behind their naked kids is not very enjoyable either. What I stated was, there were very few who looked a little bit nice, the other once were mostly ugly and were much better to look at dressed !

    Lifecruiser: I must admit that so was the case now too… Your words painted up the picture that I was trying to forget again. Eeeeeww. Strange it is!

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hello Folks,

    Hope you are both well!

    We have a nudist beach here in Combe martin but you have to take a long trek down to it. This time of year I thought it would deserted and it was so I went down to the sea to take photos for my blog. I am happily taking photos and all of a sudden into my view finder appears a big white hairy mans bottom with what looked like a piece of Newspaper sticking out of the crack! This man who must have been at least 132 years old proceeded to jump up and down in the waves so I just smiled at him backed away and ran back up the cliff path…..MUMMY!!!!!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Martin, Martin, that newspaper cracked me up - ýour stories always does! *giggles heavily*


    :razz: LMAO! Now I’m interested to watch that show?! Is it only in Sweden?

    Lifecruiser: Well, maybe it got so popular they show it even outside Sweden???? To Ireland? Ha ha….

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