The farmers parental home is from around 1923 some time, if I recall it right. His brother is born in this house. The farmer do not live there any longer, he has an own house on the farm.

Old farmhouse, Faro, Gotland, Sweden

Old houses always have so much history. When I walk into one, I am always imagine how the life were for the people that has lived there during it’s life time…

Lifecruiser Swedish Farms

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    Gattina said:

    Are you on your summer island now ? I didn’t read very much when I was in Istanbul I have to admit !
    I had the blues for two days, now it’s getting better. Such a beautiful town !

    TorAa said:

    Yeah, it’s allways a positive to think about how it was before f.i. electricity.
    Nice Photo.

    btw. We are happy you are on your dream islands; we will leave Europe on Saturday..
    Written from Summer House


    Yes, Gattina, we’re at our summer island now and relaxing, despite that we’re “working” too :-) The internet connection has been making a fuss though, hope it will be improved. Glad to hear that you’ve gotten out of the blues. Yes, Istanbul seemed so very nice!


    We’ve missed you Tor, but understand why you’ve been missing… We’ve had a bit problem with our internet connection lately too, but not as you!!!! I really hope it will be “fixed” for you soon!

    Have a really fabulous trip and don’t forget to report about it for us curious ones that is left at “home” ;-)

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