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This is an oddly ghost story from real life in Stockholm. There is a train station in the woods in Kymlinge, behind high barbed-wired fences on the way of the subway line to Kista.

A subway station that never have been used in real life – despite the fact that it has been there since the sixties! It is nearly finished, it’s just missing the last touch of an escalator and a ticket stand.

It’s very desolated and spooky quiet – until the train is rushing by on it’s way to Kista, known as Stockholm’s Silicon valley, a business area in the suburbs of the capital city.

Imagine the screech in the rails, hair raising scary ghostly sounds in the tunnels giving you goose pimples all over, odd noises, the ice chilly wind from the train and the peoples (?) dead faces in the train….

You start to feel the chill very close to you… creeping up your legs…. Booo!

The legend is telling that there has been a ghost train called the Silver Arrow (Silverpilen) that did stop in Kymlinge, but only to let off the dead….

The ones that get on this train never get off alive… *mwuuuuahhhaaaa*

Some people even claim that there has been a young women getting on this train in the middle of the night and then she did disappear – until they found her dead in the woods nearby the station…

The truth or not?

Well, take a ride on the subway to Kista when it’s dark if you ever come to Stockholm, but I would be verrrry observant when going into the woods before arriving to Kista if I were you!

You never know what you’re going to see…. or if you will make it alive… *mwuuuuahhhaaaa*

Yes, I have been on the subway to Kista, many times, but not in the middle of the night. When you pass there it’s no problem to get that creepy feeling that it could happen now too! People are feeling uncomfortable and looking the other way while passing this deserted ghost station.

They have tried to explain it with the fact that they did begun to test drive an aluminium colored train in 1975, which switches gave those screeching ghostly sounds in the tunnels.

- but do we really believe that? *ghostly giggles*

So, what’s the story behind the unused station then?

Well, this particular subway line were shorter at the beginning, in the mid seventies they extended it to Kista and it were consecrated in June 1977.

When they built it they had plans to build up a big office- and apartment area there too, but there were too many protests from the people around there. They wanted to keep it as a recreation area and protect a certain fish specie in the stream running through there.

However, they have recently taken up that plans and are beginning to build it up, so maybe they will open up that ghost station soon. I really do hope so, because it feel wrong to not use it when it’s there. (OK, OK, I admit it, that would scare the ghosts away!)

What, no photos of the station? Well, you didn’t really think that I dared to go there to shoot some photos did you?

*nervous giggles*

See Flickr photos of Kymlinge Station here

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26 Comments on “The Oddly Ghost Train”

    Sword Girl said:

    Here is my oddly ghost experience Captain.

    The floating gypsy head and other dimensions by SwordGirl.

    Sword Girl said:

    I’ll be back tomorrow early to read all of the stories, ‘cos I need to rest this very achy body. Lots of fun reading for tomorrow. I feel a little spooked to go to sleep now… :dramatic scream:

    Lifecruiser said:

    That’s totally OK Chase! Have a good, not so scary time now :-)

    chase said:

    That is quite scary. I will try to write my scary story next week since Comment Whore is taking over while I am working some things out here first. Hope it is okay.

    Gattina said:

    This place is wonderful for a Halloween party ! Lots of space and ghosty. I wonder why it was built when nobody uses it.
    I have my “Compiled News” ready for today with a link to your blog.

    A. said:

    A wonderfully spooky story! I seem to go through life oblivious to everything – no scary stories I’m afraid :(

    .: mar said:

    *mwuuuuahhhaaaa*!!! I love the scary sound… loved your story , I am glad it isn’t midnight…
    I don’t have a scary post, today’s button is about all I can handle! :)

    letha said:

    This is my ghost story it’s an old post from earlier this year.

    Hootin' Anni said:

    CAPTAIN: THERE IS A TREAT FOR YOU AT MY ‘HELM’….errrrr, um —blog!!! IT’S FOUND ON TUESDAY’S ENTRY —scroll down.

    Deborah said:

    Very scary story Captain :-)

    Here’s my contribution:


    Midas said:


    I don’t know if you do tags, but I tagged you here.


    Debbie said:

    The only thing frightening about my post is that it is truely boring! *mwuuuuahhhaaaa*

    Hopefully tonight as I read the others my spine will tingle, my feet will sweat and my mouth will go dry. Unless that is when I go to bed with hubby!! :)

    Caledonia said:

    Okay, WP let me down again with my timestamped post so i’ve had to prod it into action! Here’s my spooky post:

    Things That Go Bump

    Sword Girl said:

    Scary trains, dogs, and hags oh my!!! :hiding under the covers still:

    jenn said:

    I will have to find the time to read more stories! I love the scary stuff!

    thebluestbutterfly said:

    For my post, I went through and looked at some of my past spookie/kookie topics. :-)

    Jennifer said:

    Great story…. A great take on train as well. Best of Luck…

    Sanni said:

    Sc… SC… SCARY! I dared to take a look at the pictures – but I wouldn´t dare to go there…

    Still ill, but I posted a ghost story. I´m a good girl… *giggles*

    Kat said:

    Here is my oddly ghost story. I left it under contact because somehow I must have had a blonde moment and could not find your comment section.

    See mine here:

    RennyBA said:

    How scary – I’m so glad you did not dare to take the pics *giggles*

    Mine is up too – but don’t you dare to go there (unless you’ve had some wine before you go or have an adult to follow you over) !!!!

    RennyBA said:

    Sorry, forgot the link, but then again I know you don’t dare to go there anyway *giggles*
    Norwegian Troll as Oddly Ghost

    Sanni said:

    Are you ready to share your scare? Come and lookie at the end of the badge-post if you dare *muahahahahaaaa*

    This and That said:

    WOW!! That’s a spooky story. Some of the pictures are eerie too.

    TorAa said:

    Oooha, at last I know why my Swedish collegues allways told me to go to Kista by Taxi. *cause of the Ghost station and that frightful forest as well- scary, scary.

    PS. Did you know we have Ghoststations in Oslo as well. The construction on one of them startet as long back as in the 1920′ies. And now they have talked about to finnish the work for 20 years.
    Anotherone – on the same line, was closed down about 20 years ago. Two Ghost stations on the same track. It’s ghostly.

    Misty Dawn said:

    Great post! I’ve got a really good one for Thursday… as long as I remember (I tend to forget things lately). We just make our post and then link to it here? If so, count me in!

    Andrée said:

    I’m thinking every country has its ghost trains now. I wish I had thought of finding a New England one! Great story.

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