Being a blogger you want to find interesting subjects that other bloggers find interesting. I have found in my not very scientific research that there seem to be a big interest in silicon boobs and erection pills. Why, I have no idea ;-) .
I think it has something to do with our nature and maybe some wish to be best in everything…

I have to investigate it further though, because I’m not sure if you need both of them for the same couple at the same time. I mean, if the woman have big boobs, maybe the man’s erection problems won’t appear – and the opposite, if the man have no problem with erection maybe he don’t need the big boobs, it’s just sufficient with a woman?

Ooops, I can see that questioning give me enough of opinions to drown in… *lol*

Personally I think it’s unnecessary to enlarge your breasts, because it’s mostly a try to increase your self-confidence, which can be done in other ways without taking all the serious risks involved with a surgery. There is some cases where there really is reasons for doing it, but far too many is doing it that don’t have to.

Besides that, I wonder if they really have thought about the problem they will have afterwards getting clothes fitting the big boobs? And they can’t even tell you exactly how the result is going to end up, you may get boobs you don’t even asked for. Mostly I don’t think it looks good either, not well-proportioned and very often they’re like two balls – too round on the upper side. But I’m not a man so maybe I have higher demands on what’s good looking?

Don’t take me wrong here, I love boobs, but beautiful naturally looking ones. I don’t want every one to have similar looking either. I think it’s like everything else – it’s very nice with some variation. Otherwise you soon get tired of seeing the same thing. Hm… maybe it going to change in the future and every one will do breast reductions instead? Why can’t we ever be satiesfied with what we got?

The same goes for the erection pills, too many is taking them that really shouldn’t have to. There are other ways to explore first. I guess it’s too easy to just take a pill and the problem seem to be solved. I would rather start to investigate why these problems occur to try to solve the real cause of it.

This really is a hot debate subject. I’ve seen it over and over again in the internet. I don’t know though if it really leads to something, to any insight in the matter at all. I think we are like we are and it would take gazillions of years to change that. There is too many that simply don’t want to change it. Plus the fact that it’s hard to stop a rolling snowball, every one wants to be the hottest or think they will be happier then.

“Today more money is spent on breast enlargements and erection pills than research about Alzheimers. That means that year 2030 there is going to be a lot of elderly women with very large breasts and equally many old men with a strong erection, but absolutely no one will remember what to do with it”.

[From our bible: "Men's best loo book"]

So, you see, that may be #1 reason why that is not needed in this house…

Secret whisper: #2 reason could be the fact that we already have big boobs and/or a strong erection, but no, we’re not going to show you if we have…

10 Comments on “The need of big boobs”

    Kelly said:

    I’m not sure why people can’t be happy with who they are and what they have?

    All I know is that I love me and that’s what matters. I try to not worry to much about what others are doing.

    Great subject by the way! It seems to be all the rage these days to get bigger boobs and a harder d!@k. lol

    john said:

    Nice topic. I like boobs. For me the shape of the boob is more important than size.

    Lifecruiser said:

    It’s too much influence to early in peoples life too. We’re being feed from birth that we must be perfect. At a certain style. But what is it that says that that is the right style? Who decides that?

    Frances said:

    Thanks for stopping in – love the statistics and the secret whisper **wink
    Have a wonderful week,

    skye said:

    Pretty soon no women will need breast enlargements anyway, now that they keep giving cows so many hormones that girls are developing much earlier…and much bigger.

    I have large boobs, and you’re right, it’s hard to find clothes that fit well without gaping in the front.

    How’s the hair situation coming along?

    Lifecruiser said:

    I totally agree with you there skye. It makes me wonder where it will end. We haven’t seen what that influence does in the long run either.

    I know exactly what you mean, because I have the same problem myself and I don’t even think they are THAT big, so how do they manage? Maybe the buy them too big and sew them afterwards to fit in the waist.

    I will report on the hair thing separate.

    Kasia said:

    Big silicon boobs? Blaaaa…just look at Pamela’s breasts- they look like they were about to pop like popcorn. Disgusting.
    People are getting more and more obsessed with beauty and perfection. It is so sad. We are beautiful until we are not perfect.

    Mandy said:

    Boobs hmm, I think we should be happy with what we were given. Mind you, I’m not happy with mine, well I would be but like someone else commented here, I always find there’s a gaping hole when you try blouses and that sort on.. So you either have to buy something that’s 10 sizes too big, so it fits your boobs, or don;t buy anything with buttons up the front.

    We’re never satisfied, are we?

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, I don’t know why they don’t make clothes that actually fits us women as there so many of us that have problem to get our boobs in there. Why don’t they make clothes with a couple of different breast widths to choose between instead?

    Jessie said:

    Sorry, I know this is a really old blog post, but I found it because I am just starting a blog on this topic. A lot of women want bigger breasts, and I agree that it is mostly an issue with self-confidence that could be addressed in other ways. But this is a physical way to address the problem, and many women become obsessed with their boobs until they are bigger. But we are all beautiful the way we were made.

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