The naked truth about your life

Life is rushing fast, so do not let it to just rush by you. Stop for a moment NOW – and keep doing it every second – think hard about what it is you are doing and if it could be done in some different or other better way.

You only get one life and it is you that shall take care of it the best way you possible can. It is only YOU who can do something about your own life. That is the naked truth.

Do not hesitate about that and do not let the time just go away. The days are not coming back.

Surely, you are given certain conditions from the beginning of your life, but that is not an excuse to not influence your life as much as you can in a positive way. Start today!

:: PAUSE for a moment, THINK hard, and BREAK the routines! ::

Do not stress, do not go with the big mass, follow your own path in your own pace. The one that is good for you. It is only you who in best way can take care of your self.

Have you been thinking of what a magnificent gift and invention your body is? Take care of it in the way you should, to stay vital as long as possible and bring you joy during many years to come.

Do not dedicate your whole life to your work, live your life instead, because one day it can be too late….!

Pause and enjoy all that life has to offer you, do not take it for granted. Next time you shall eat a good dinner: really feel the good smell and taste of it, enjoy it. Mmmm, yummy, does not certain things taste just divine? Take the time to expand the enjoyable moment, enjoy every crumb of it.

Recognize your feelings and enjoy these feelings, every inch , every second, what ever it is! Close your eyes if needed, but always do everything with feeling and heart and not just by routines.

LIVE every minute, ENJOY, LOVE………

We are!

Sangria, Gambas al Ajillo

Comments on The naked truth about your life

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    sharlet SINGAPORE said:

    I’ll try to apply your policy to life, Mrs Lifecruiser! But it’s still hard when people around you die. I’ll just try to forget about death a little while i’m still alive. :|

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, it can be hard, but you owe it to your self. Only you have responsibility over your own life, somake it as good as possible!

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