Lifecruisers Soap Beauty

This is an ad from an old Swedish lady magazine called Husmodern (The House Mother) from 1925 that I found.

“A healthy and youthful skin is preserved and maintained by The Sasol Soap”

Oh, I bet this was an almost naughty ad since she is halfnekkid – at least with that times judgement.

I love her hairstyle – and nose! Have you noticed that they seemed to have bigger noses back then? Or is it that all people nowadays that have bigger noses do plastic surgerys?

Except from me, of course ;-)

Already at that time, there were ads to make us buy more beauty. Incredible. Not much difference from now.

When will we ever change?

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    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    The fashion changed that’s all.Before Brigitte Bardot noses were bigger but I think here it’s also the light. Anyway she has an interesting face for my painter eyes ! Much more character in there than the today’s models with flat standard faces. They all look the same with only a few exceptions.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I can see why you prefer this kind of look, even I do that and I’m not a painter, but I find it boring when everybody looks the same!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    I would say beautifulness comes from the inside. If people could search more for the good life instead of a ‘perfect’ nose; the world would be much better – and life more easy too :-)

    Lifecruiser: Ah, I couldn’t have said it much better myself Renny :-)

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    With my skin allergies I don’t use too many beauty products. They all dry me out! As for the big nose I don’t know. I think we have what ever is given by our family genes! I love the look in her eyes!

    And yes years back it was really provocative to suggest being naked! Bet the men loved the ad and many a young boy had fantasies from it! Kind of like the Victoria Secret ads today!

    Lifecruiser:That thing with the nose, I do think that it has changed over here in Sweden, so i guess we can blame that on evolution :-)


    Women have always tried to look better. Men never have. So, who really is smarter, ha,ha..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, you give an answer on that one!!!


    Wow, 1925! You keep old magazines? :eek:

    Seems like times have not changed much. Thank goodness I’m not metrosexual, no need to worry about these sorts of beauty products :wink: .

    Lifecruiser: Well, not exactly me, but in my Moms elderly home. It”s interesting with elderly homes you know, it’s like enetering another time zone ;-)

    Oh, and I do like your way of express things :-)

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    Want to share a copy of that magazine!? The loppis here has suddenly attracted all of the out of towners that come in and buy up our goodies! :sad:

    Lifecruiser: Oh, you should see them, it’s an whole years collection! Awesome. Only problem is that it isn’t my own, it belong to the elderly home….

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Well, I doubt we’ll be changing anytime soon. But SOAP is a good thing! I’m very pro-soap! And bathing… definately PRO-bathing! But what caught MY eye in this advertisement first is the funny little *smirk* on her face…. she LOOKS like she’s up to something!

    Lifecruiser: so you noticed it too huh? I’m so glad that it wasn’t just me…. *lol*

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