What the heck is this…???!!! A ship on land…? *giggles*

This was the sight greating us when going up to The Vanity at the hill above Stockholm. Considering the fact that the hill is said to be about 40 meter (131 feet) high, this is quite impressive!

It’s time to post a boat this Monday, participating in the TorAa Meme: Boats On Mondays, so let me introduce you to my choice of the day….

Just click on the photos if you want to see it large in Flickr.

Luxury Cruise Ship Costa Magica

There use to be some cruise ships anchored below The Vanity Restaurant I wrote about yesterday and this time it was the Italian luxury cruise ship Costa Magica.



Facts about Costa Magica:

Built in 2004
Passenger Capacity 2,672
Number of Crew 1,023
Total Cabins 1.358
Tonnage 105,000 t
Length 890 feet = 271.2 meter
Beam 118 feet = 35.96 meter
Decks 17
Cruising Speed 20 Knots

To take this photo I had to walk and walk and walk along the ship and then back and back and back – and still you can see that I’ve not been able to get a full photo of the ship, it’s some in the front missing!!! It’s that gigantic!!!

Some of the cabin’s seem to have an outdoor kind of balcony to sit and relax, enjoying the sea breeze. Just look at those rows with cabins!


As you notice there is also enough with lifeboats, which is calming me down. I think that is one of the two things I’d feel uncomfortable with: think if something happens… These ones make me feel pretty safe though :-)


So what’s the number two I’m afraid of then? Seasickness…. Yes, now you know this Captain’s secret Achilles heel! I easily get seasick. YUK. Though with this type of gigantic ship, the risk for that must be minimal.

The ship has everything you can dream about in recreation, so I might take one looong cruise when getting old instead of a room at the elderly home!!!

I mean, who don’t wanna take a ride down this…? *giggles*


The route right now seem to have been: St Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia), Stockholm Sweden), passing between the two Swedish islands Öland and Gotland and down to Kiel (Germany), Denmark, Norway and then….? When I publish this it seem to be outside Norway’s coast.

You can follow Magicas route on this map.

I looked at their other cruises and I’m lost in dreams….

Captain Magica Lifecruiser

9 Comments on “The Luxury Cruise Ship Magica”


    This sounds like a great cruise on a great ship. You know how I love to boat, but alas we just have a 34′ Sea Ray Sundancer. We do love it though. Enjoyed the cruise, but didn’t know until today that you are prone to seasickness. My, oh my Captain! :)

    mar SPAIN said:

    Oh, Captain, I have all kind of devices to fight seasickness…but the one that works best (besides remaining on land, lol) is to sit down and keep my head very, very still against a tall chair. I am afraid you could get seasick even on tall ships or large cruiser but let’s avoid the topic and think positive!

    mar SPAIN said:

    I mean to lean against the back of a tall chair…I am feeling dizzy already! but you get the picture, I hope. If not, there is always some Dom to cheer us up!

    TorAa said:

    What an immense ship. And what an effort to take all this excellent photos. Also impressing to maneuvre the ship in to Stockholm.

    Seasick? A hint: Stay in the pool with umbrella drinks and a lifejacket. The you will allways stay in “Water” – *giggles*

    At last, I managed to post mine too.

    lazaza83 » Mysterious moon! said:

    [...] Don’t miss “The luxury cruise ship Magica“. [...]

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Just I need for my future cruise! What a recreation on the ship! The big toboggan must be super! Do they serve good guiness on the Costa Magica!?

    WendyWings said:

    I love that ship, my grandmother used to take cruises all the time.
    WHAT the captain gets sea sick oh no that will never do !!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    What a lovely cruise ship post (in all sense of it!!) Most of those cruise ships also visit Oslo and other Norwegian cities along our long coast line during the summer you know but seldom I’ve seen such great pictures taken of them – well done captain!

    Thanks also for your tips list – your a true blogger friend!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    That’s funny that you write about a Costa ship ! We have made a cruise on the Costa Tropicana through the mediteranian see and it was just wonderful. The ship is like a town everything is in there. I haven’t been sea sick but one night the ship moved quite heavily and I walked down the corridor to our room like a drunken sailor ! It shaked quite a lot. This night there had been some sea sick people. The evenings I played Roulette I adore it and winned enough pocket money for the next day ! BTW this route you described is on my travel list with Costa !!

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