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Finally we arrived in Italy and ti amo Rome! I’m sure I do, because Rome is so full of gorgeous architecture and very interesting atmosphere.

Butt, before we all head out:

NOTE: The Cuber Cruise Schedule is now moved to an own page: Cyber Cruiser Calendar 2007.

Special dates:

- The Crazy Hat Parade Wednesday 28th of March*)
- The Cruise Ball Saturday the 14th of April

*) Only A-Team Cruisers & A-Swab Team members can win the cyber prize.

Should we be dressed up as the ancient Romans? Now, let’s make this city unsecure….

I picked out some really useful Italian word & phrases you all can practise until our host takes us out for seightseeing.

flower = fiore
Don Juan = dongiovanni
dreamboat = principe azzuro
date = appuntamento
champagne = spumante
laugh = ridere
shall we dance? = lei balla?
dance cheek-to-cheek = ballare un lento
in love = innamorato
I love you! = ti amo!
darling! = amore!
sweetheart, honey, ducky = tesoro
galen = pazzo
make out = pomiciare
hug = abbraccio, abbracciare
kiss = bacio, bacetto
kiss me! = baciami!
moonlight = chiaro di luna
caress = accarezzare
henpecked husband = schiavo della moglie
kissproof lipstick = rosetto indelebile

Lets have an avventura d’amore ;-)

Ancient Captain Lifecruiser

UPDATE: Make sure not to miss R’acquels absolutely brilliant article about the promised The DIY Brazilian Wax @ home (or in your cabin).

Lifecruiser lifering

Sunday port: Rome, Italy | RennyBA
Next port: Dominican Republic

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17 Comments on “The Lifecruiser Romans”

    that frolicsome kid said:

    Rome! Yee-hah! Psst, will we catch a glimpse of Vatican City as well while we are there? :lol:

    Can’t wait! By the way, me is dongiovanni. :wink: Hahahaa! :lol:

    Lifecruiser: That’s a true A-Team Cruisers manner! Go for the Italian girls, but watch out for their Mothers – or fathers, we don’t want to rescue yoou all the time ;-)

    that frolicsome kid said:

    Hahaha! Or “boyfriends” for that matter. :wink:

    I shall keep an eye! *widens eyes*

    Lifcecruiser: OH, good thinking ;-)

    RennyBA said:

    So then I welcome you all to Rome for a hectic tour around this wonderful city!
    Thanks for the excellent dictionary Mrs. Lifecruiser – it might be very useful!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Renny – I’m heading over to your cabin! Here I come :-)

    Gattina said:

    Bravo per il tuo italiano ! Ma chiedo a Signore Gattino di verificare, perchè mi sembra che “lei balla” non e giusto. E piutosto “balliamo ?”

    He, he, I had to dig out my italian ! Don’t forget that today we are European sisters (I am a terrible European nationalist) it’s the 50th birthday of Europe and that changed my life completely. Without Europe I would probably sit somewhere in Germany and watch my 10 grandchildren, lol ! Of course I would be a widow, because my German husband died of a nervous brakedown. See you in Roma !! Ciao !

    Lifecruiser: thanks fro reminding me Gattina, I had forgotten about EU again… I saw it yesterday and then completely forgot it again. My mind…. is not working goood – especially not when staying up until 4-5 in the mornings ;-)

    ruth said:

    Beautiful photograph and really interesting blog.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Ruth and warmth welcome back :-)

    Tricia said:

    Cia Bella – I’m sorry! I’ve had some problems with my passport so I’ve missed part of the cruise. I had to be quarantined due to illness for a while. Wonder if I can manage to get my sea legs now that everyone else has already adjusted to this mode of cyber travel?

    Lovely flower! So bright and cheery … a nice Mediterranean colour too.

    Lifecruiser: Better late than never! Hop aboard! We missed you, so now you have some to catch up with :-)

    chase said:

    What a beautiful flower. Is that taken from your garden?

    Lifecruiser: i wish it were, but is is from a Public garden here in Stockholm called Bergianska Garden, in one of their Greenhouses with exotic flowers, so I don’t even know this one myself.

    Caledonia said:

    Ah, the Romans, they never did tame us Caledonians! Awesome city!

    Lifecruiser: Well, well. Yes, it sure is a fantastic city and I’m having wayyy too much fun there :-)

    aka R'acquel said:

    One of my fondest memories of learning Italian at school was beating everyone at the subject, including all the Italians. Mwahahahahaarr! =P

    I’m still salivating over the thoughts of Italian bread from the delicatessen in my mouth at the moment. If only… just to get that taste for real. I can do nothing more than oogle at RennyBA’s pictures atm.

    > we don’t want to rescue yoou all the time

    You’re so funny LC and that’s why I love you so much!

    Lifecruiser: Mmm – there is a lot to drool over in Roma, oh my – better not to think too much about it!

    Thanks R’acquel and I just say the same to you!


    Irish Church Lady said:

    I’ve been to virtual Rome and have seen the sights!

    Sono nell’amore (innamorato)

    Renny needs to be careful with the Polizia Municipale and Roman Gladiators in the streets ~ the bad boy that he is!

    I enjoyed speaking and learning some Italian from you and Google translator. Such a romantic language it is!

    My prime exposure to Italians is watching THE SOPRANOS tv show here. LOL Capiche?? (Capire?)

    Oh but if Renny needs him, I’ll send TONY Soprano over there. *mucho ridere*

    *mucho ridere* indeed :-D

    Ti amo Roma…. *deep sigh* Only thing is, now I REALLY want to go there, VERY BADLY!!!!!!


    (It’s fun, it’s easy to understand a lot of the words)

    Maribeth said:

    Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple of days and missed a few ports. I’ve been in sick bay. Ah well, at least I am back to the cruise in time for Rome!

    Lifecruiser: OH, we missed you Maribeth and you’re sooo welcomed back! Hop out in the Roma city and have fun :-)

    Debbie said:

    What an interesting flower! Where is the center? I plan to rent a fast cruiser to catch up on this cruise this afternoon. I have missed so much! :( But will catch up! I do love all the different header photos you keep coming up with. They are so nice and perfect for each port!

    Liferuiser: Yes, I know. and I have no idea what it’s name is! The center looks like a black hole. Very mysterious.

    Thanks. I find they fun to create too :-)

    Good, we missed you a lot! Have fun!

    C U

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Man and Woman Overboard Guess I’d best stop hittin’ the high balls so much and stay sober. Tho it’s not OUR ship it coulda been with all the drinkin and such. ROFL

    Off to see the Italian spotlight right now.
    Happy Sunday everyone.

    OOPS….did I click right? Seems it didn’t show up. Go figure. *Trying again* Ciao

    Lifecruiser: Sorry, hootin’ Anni – you ended up in the spam box for some reason, but I found you :-)

    0cean Lady said:

    I worship ROME! I’ll be over to visit as soon as I can. :mrgreen:

    Lifecruiser: Well, you’re warmth welcome as soon as you can :-) ))

    RennyBA said:

    It has been a pleasure to walk around in Rome with you today and you’ve been an excellent participant with all your creativeness as always Mrs. Lifecruiser – including the template on your blog today – so very Rome!

    Now I know you are a bit tired and hopefully very hungry. So let’s go have a culinary Italian sensation. Your all welcome to sit in and enjoy!

    Lifecruiser: Yummy, yummy! I’m heading over at once!!!

    Claudie said:

    Hello Mrs Lifecruiser
    I was all the day in my cabin phoning to my family who can’t nothing do without me! ouf now they are sleeping! The mouse I am can now be a little crazy on the ship! Thanks Renny BA for this wonderful dinner! But now i suggere to go in the dark small streets of the city to find a crazy place with mandoline, fiore, Dongiovanni, spumante, amore et tutti quanti!!!SI,si!
    Ti amo tutti!!
    C’est l’appel de chiaro di luna!
    Viva l’Italia!

    Lifecruiser: I’m so glad that you enjoy it :-D

    Irish Church Lady said:

    Loving your night time blog look and now ready to go to Dominican Republic after a wonderful Italian meal!

    Now go immediately to your cabin Captain Lifecruiser! … and have sweet dreams and whatever else is your fancy :0

    Lifecruiser: Yes… there were no dreams just reality ;-)

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