I didn’t realize how often I normally laugh per day. My near and dear ones must be very funny! I can’t even look at them without feeling like I want to laugh. And right now I can’t and it’s so frustrating it’s killing me! It hurts so in my removed appendix the times when I can’t restrain myself and try to laugh…

I’ve never heard such a silly laughs coming out of my mouth. Try not to laugh and you will hear how you sounds like yourself, you won’t beleive your ears.

It feels a little bit funny to tell my near and dear ones now that they only can call me if they are really really boring…

This made me begin wonder what laugh is. When we laugh changes occur in many parts of our body, even the arm, legs and muscles. The Encyclopedia says that it’s a rhytmic, vocalized, expiratory and involuntary action. Using fifteen facial muscles, struggle to get some oxygen and even tear can appears.

The best of all is that you must respond to laughter – it’s contagious! At least I normally think that, now it’s a plain pain in the ……

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