My plate at the lamb BBQ at Ihregården,, Gotland

Mr Lifecruisers plate at the lamb BBQ at Ihregården, Gotland

After a long day, trying to get in time to Visby to shop for some birthday gifts for both my sister Anne, Mr Lifecruiser’s daughter Jane and the Norwegians daughter Kari, we finally ended up at IhregÃ¥rdens lamb BBQ in the evening to celebrate Anne on her birthday.


We found some music CD’s for Anne, one with pop music, Per Gessle who is the other part of the world famous Swedish band Roxette and another with romantic French music (Edit Piaf, Mirelle M, Charles Aznavour etc). She really liked it – Mr Lifecruiser asked the staff to play it there and they liked it as well!

In fact they liked it so much that they brought her a birthday gift in true french spirit: a baguette ;-)


We had a very nice time even though this lamb BBQ not is something I would recommend – the lamb was actually not as well BBQ:ed as it could have been. It was a pity, butt they had not enough garlic and spices and Mr Lifecruisers pieces were not done yet.

Let’s hope that they get better on this as the season is going on, as we understand this was the second week only of the BBQ dinner menu.

For Jane we bought a new “party” cell phone… Yes, it’s needed! (I forgot to take a shot of it, sorry!)

She already has one very elegant which she left at home since she didn’t want it to get damaged. The old one she did bring with her were very damaged, she couldn’t read the display properly, so she really needed one. We found a not so expensive one in pink and pearly white.

We gave it to her in the evening already even though she don’t have birthday until Saturday, butt she needs it now, so…

No need to say that she was very, very happy about it :-)

Today’s report will have to wait a day or two since I took too many photos and need some time to sort them a bit… Plus the fact that we’re on our way out for some dancing!

Making you curious…? Good!

Stay tuned…

Captain Little Lamb Lifecruiser

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8 Comments on “The Lamb Birthday BBQ”

    RennyBA said:

    Happy, Happy belated Birthday to Anne, Jane and Kari and what a lovely party and presents – no wonder they where all happy.

    Good Jane got a party mobile phone – how can one survive without one!?! Does it dance too?

    Curious – No!!! I’m dead hysterically curious!

    Btw: Thanks for the add. I’ll update my post right way:-)

    Wandering through time in old Mariestad said:

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    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Happy happy Birthday, ladies!

    Yes, of course you made me curious, Captain! When will this report be up??? ;-)

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Happy birthday ladies!
    Nice to hear the melodies of Piaf, Aznavour… at Gotland! And even the baguette!
    I’d really like to dance tonight !
    Have a marvelous party!

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    It looks like everyone had a fun time. Too bad about the lamb. I love lamb especially when it is barbecued!

    golfgirl UNITED STATES said:

    Happy Birthday. Summer birthdays are great, aren’t they? Seems like you Lifecruiser folks know how to have fun.

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Sounds like you are having fun! Not sure I could have eaten Lamb not BBQ’ed! Hubby and I tried Thai in NYC and it was wonderful. Might have to look into trying it out more often.

    I know what you mean about pictures. I have over 1000 just from NYC that I am still sorting through to post. I will be posting for weeks to come I am sure!

    lazaza83 » The If’s Castle/Le chateau d’If said:

    [...] the Lifecybercruise you should taste a lamb BBQ and participate at a nice [...]

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