Lifecruiser Green Trap Snap 1
♥ Green Thumb Sunday ♥

This photo is from the green island of Scotland. It’s actually how I feel right now. Trapped. Green. Ready to snap.

I’m green because I’m feeling sick. Something is wrong with my stomach. Again. Terrible headache too that nothing seem to help against.

Though it might be phantom pain from my amputated head…. *giggles*

I’m trapped because my health and other near and dear ones health is keeping me close by, stopping me from travel.

I’m green of envy because several of my cruiser fellows are going on trips. Luckily they report back to our Lifecruiser cyber cruise about it.

That’s my survival kit right now :-)

This fall is like this green field in Scotland, for me totally unknown herbage and it seem endless…. Like sea ground level.

Lifecruiser Green Trap Snap 2

It’s a bit too much green. I love green and especially in clothes, but not in my face ;-)

That reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

“Doctor, every morning when I get up and look myself in the mirror, I feel like throwing up. Whats wrong with me? He said: I dont know, but your sight is perfect!” (Rodney Dangerfield)

Arrggh, please give me green light for travel soon…

Instead I’m giving you green light for going over to RennyBA and congratulate him on his birthday!

Captain Green Lifecruiser

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14 Comments on “The Green Trap Snap”

    Vjai said:

    Hey captain!!! That one remonds me of the old greenland that i had mentioned in that halloween post… Green is serene… But blue is beautiful… Btw, check out an interesting post @ http://svijayspeaks.blogspot.com/2007/11/am-i-such-sinner-after-all.html

    Vjai’s last blog post..Am I such a Sinner, after all???

    .: mar said:

    Hi, Captain, sorry to hear you are not feeling well…green isn’t a flattering color for one’s face, I agree with you…
    But love your green pictures.
    Had a wonderful time in Hamburg, spent much time just chatting away so I didn’t have time for many pics…
    Get well soon!

    .: mar’s last blog post..photo hunt: classic

    Sword Girl said:

    I hope that you feel better!!! ((()))

    Sword Girl’s last blog post..Haikus on heavenly Sunday

    Mark said:

    I bet it is all the butt kicking you are doing with Renne. If you would like to be cheered up a bit more why not go to my web site and view the pictures from North Uist and Skye.
    Thanks for the continued votes, i have just done yours.

    Cheers Bongo

    Mark’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday

    kml said:

    Your green photos are beautiful – but it is too bad that your belly isn’t agreeing with you. Here’s to a new week and hoping that you are feeling better soon!

    kml’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday – Variegated Hosta

    MrBrownThumb said:

    That’s a great shot of the horse. Kinda creepy looking too or maybe it looks creepy ’cause of your Halloween template. Anyway thanks for stopping and commenting and hope you had a good GTS.

    MrBrownThumb’s last blog post..The Future Of Urban Farming?

    Sara said:

    I love the picture of the horse. The horse looks like it is sinking into the grass. It would make a great caption competition entry.
    I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I have just voted for you.
    Sara from farmingfriends

    Sara’s last blog post..Autumn Flowering Primroses – Green Thumb Sunday

    RennyBA said:

    Well, remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the wall Captain.

    Sorry to hear your not well – get well soon, you hear me!

    Thanks for your love link and your visit to celebrate my day on my blog :-)

    RennyBA’s last blog post..The naked truth about RennyBA

    claudie said:

    Beautiful green pictures, my Captain! hope all will better very very soon with your health! thanks to learn us it is Renny ‘s birthday! I take a little green and run to Nordway!

    claudie’s last blog post..Melissa’s birthday!

    Genie said:

    My stomach’s fine, but I’m down for the count with illness, too — it’s not fun! Hope you’re feeling better very soon, and congrats on the finalist status!

    Vjai said:

    Get well soon…

    Vjai’s last blog post..Am I such a Sinner, after all???

    chase said:

    Oh my, I hope you feel better soon!

    chase’s last blog post..Hair-Raising: A Halloween Special

    raja said:

    Oh captain so sad of ur health…. Green is gorgeous to see but not to have as you said :) …. soon we shall have a green journey from u :) Today too i voted :)

    raja’s last blog post..Computer Training

    maiylah said:

    love the green! i really like that horse shot. :)
    thanks for dropping by my GTS post

    get well soon!

    maiylah’s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot

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