Most common reasons why people travel to Sweden use to be Swedish food and design. Now There is something else that’s kind of significant for the time: The film making of the famous Stieg Larssons Millennium-trilogy books has made the small country of Sweden ending up visible on the world map finally.

We had of course seen the Swedish film versions of the books earlier and now about a week ago even the Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo version of David Fincher, starring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Stellan Skarsgård, Robin Wright, Christopher Plummer and other famous actors.

Did we like it? Oh, yes! Several actors did a great performance. Of course it felt a bit strange that it was a Swedish film in Sweden but with mostly American actors, not exactly matching up, but it’s such a thrilling story so one got carried away with it anyway.

Naturally Rooney Mara was the most eye-catching being one of the main characters. It’s fascinating how different a person can look in different disguises. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role and she absolutely deserve it, her acting was really fantastic. The scenes when she were abused were very strong and when she took her revenge it was even more powerful – and perhaps even too brutal.

I think Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander did touch me most because of how she was abused – just like how many children and teenager grow up with abuse today unfortunately. I wish it were not so.

Daniel Craig was great as usual and so were the others – and Stellan Skarsgård really was creepy as Martin Vanger. As cut for the role!

63 000 000 Millennium books had been sold around the world in December 2011 and maybe the film will be as wide spread too, but from the beginning it doesn’t look like an equally big sales boom for unknown reasons.

I recently got to know that Stieg Larsson had the famous Swedish childbook character Pippi Longstocking as a source of inspiration for the character of Lisbeth Salander. A grownup and more modern version of Pippi obviously – not at all as human as she was created.


Head over to dragontattoo.net to see the trailer or read more.

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    I have been wanting to watch this film and didn’t know it is adapted from a Swedish novel. Cool!

    I have love Swedish food and have seen a documentary on Sweden, it is a beautiful country which I would love to visit one day,


    The Swedish novels, a trilogy, really are the best, can be highly recommended read!

    If you ever do come to Sweden, be sure to let me know and we’ll guide you around :-) ))

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